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  • Willard W. Goins - This Printmaster is not user friendly

    I had Printmaster 16 and it was easy to use and I was able to do tons of stuff with it. This Printmaster I thought would be an upgrade wirh many of the same features only improved. I was wrong. I am sorry I bought it. I would like to suggest that Printmaster go back to their other format and simply add improvements. I especially was upset with the calendar creator of this new printmaster. It is not easy to use.

  • Cary C. Dunlap - A True "Every-Day-Carry" Knife

    My experience with this knife has been all positive. Out of the package it was razor sharp with tight tolerances. Other reviewers commented on some amount of play in the blade, but this isn't the case with mine. And the blade launch feature works great.

  • steven fox - I am very pleased with mine

    Greatly simplifies woodworking with pocket hole joinery. I am an amateur wood worker. I don't know anyone else that does it. So I have to teach myself everything as I go along. I heard about the Kreg Pocket Hole joinery system and decided to give it a try. I bought the K4 System with the Kreg Joinery Heavy Duty jig. This particular set came with the Master jig, the Heavy Duty Jig, and the pocket hole screw set- 5 different sizes in an organizer case. Also included were all drill bits and drive tools for each pocket hole jig, as well as sample packs of screws and wooden pocket hole plugs. The system was very user friendly. After a brief scan of the instructions, I was able to use the system effectively. Within 15 minutes of unpacking it, I was using it to build a pre-school sized picnic table. There is no hidden surprises, and no "tricks" to using it. The components themselves are made of a very solid plastic with metal where the drill bit goes. I haven't found any weakness in the materials. The only thing to be aware of is if you use this jig, you should also use their screws. This system more than met my expectations and lives up to the Kreg reputation. I am very pleased with mine. and would recommend it to family or friend.

  • Amazon Customer - My fav!!

    I've tried so many products, especially the ones supposedly for women. The set is my favorite! I don't get jitters but I can feel it working! Can't wait to try the protein they just added! I read how some people didn't feel Anything, if you don't you may want to do a detox lol. People who feel too much, decrease your dosage. Especially if not used to these kinds of supplements. This is my favorite set!

  • Amazon Customer - One star

    The Day of the Dead is a historically significant holiday in Mexico. Wearing this costume exploited elements of that culture without actually acknowledging its history and its rich meaning. This costume reduces a complex tradition into a flimsy outfit for one-time use.

  • Andrew Lerwick - Not made for wider flatscreens?

    The calibration cannot be set on our 46" flatscreen. It cuts off before the corners and I tried from different distances. It's off enough that the kids can't use the scope to play or they'll miss every shot.