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  • Cindy B. - Great software but installation process could not be less clear

    I really like Quickbooks and associated payroll software. It works, it's solid - that part gets 5 stars. I have QB2013 with enhanced payroll subscription for 1 year. So I bought 2014 thinking that it is simply a license update that would refresh my payroll for another year. This is how most other software packages work. But now I discover I'll likely spend half a day on the phone getting it installed. Yuck. Wasting my time reduces the rating to 1 star.

  • A. Catlow - Its functional and rugged

    I live in Melbourne, Australia, and wasn't familiar with the Timbuk brand until I went to buy a cover for my Kindle2. When reading up on the company and the design philosophy behind their brand I was very impressed. The Kindle cover proved to be a great buy. Fast forward a couple of years and I'm looking to buy a laptop bag for my son, who started IT at uni this year. I remembered how much I liked this brands approach, there is some good deals on Timbuk products and this bag looked ideal. My son has used it now for a couple of weeks now and here are some impression of it:

  • P A Haspel - Not 100 %

    This oil is fragrant and not 100% argan oil. I wanted something purely argan oil not one with additives. The fragrance is very strong and not appealing. I was disappointed because this product was not inexpensive so I am out $ 25+. I would not order anything from this vendor again

  • combat addict - Great Product and fantastic price!!

    I paid less than half the price here on Amazon, than my local hardware store! When I first pour this in my gray water cesspool, I was skeptical about it. I checked it constantly for about two weeks, then I gave up, because it looked like nothing was happening. About a month later I checked it again and boy was I surprised, all the sludge was gone, I couldn't believe my eyes!

  • Acid - Great sunglasses, classic, retro.

    They feel and look great. The brown color really got me, everything looks very warm in this color. It feels like you're dimming the light, while with other colors the sensation is of darkening the whole panorama...and we drivers do not like this.

  • Aparato SuperSónico - Not only for the content, but for the 180 gram remastering as well

    For those who own The Wall in their original vinyl pressing, or on the various CD releases since the 1980s, let me tell you that this 180 gram vinyl remastering is by far the BEST audio version I've heard of this album. The 180 gram LPs I bought came from the UK, a country that in my humble opinion, along with the Japanese and the Germans, manufacture the best quality vinyl in the world. The vinyl is extremely quiet and the sound is full - meaning it's neither bassy nor "tinny" - it is well balanced and I hear instruments previously buried in the early LP pressings and in the CDs. Though you can adjust your tone controls to your liking - set mine on flat - you can still hear the 15kHz tone from the TV in the track "One Of My Turns". Highly recommended if you can afford it. And if you can't, put it on the credit card before they're all gone and then end up on auction sites for a 3 digit sum.

  • Nichelle K. - Works Perfectly

    I tested this prior to using it as instructed by the seller and it went off with no issue. I took it to the beach yesterday and it worked perfectly. I was very hesitant at first having it in the water with me, but I had 0 issues. I helped my son learned to boogie board and there were many times the entire case was submerged in water. I also had a couple of dollars in the case with my phone so I could immediately see if there was water seeping into it... I am happy to report NOT ONE DROP of water was in the case