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  • TKO125 - Superb Quality and Performance.

    This is my 3rd stubby antenna for my 2010 4Runner Limited. It is by far the best in terms of quality of materials and construction. One of the major flaws with the other low-profile antennas on the market is their multi piece construction which results in poor signal reception capability and structural weakness. The fact that the Stubby is 1 piece construction makes for a stronger antenna (no issues through the car wash) and improved reception when compared to the 2 previous I owned. The packaging was smart and an outgoing inspection card came with the antenna as a point of reference should I run into any quality issues down the road.

  • Richard Shanley - Not a Perfect Fit

    These floor mats do a great job but the fit is not as good as advertised. The front passenger side does not line up well. The rear mat is great.

  • crowlady - would I recommend this filter to other people I know

    I needed a new water filter and I found the Pure Source 3 filter I needed with this company. The water filter is working so well the water is flowing fast, pure and clean again. The reason I went with this one was it was reasonably priced below the other contenders, so I thought why not. When I received the water filter I put it in immediately and pronto, fresh, lean, pure, filtered water once again. The water also taste really well so I save even more money by not buying bottled water. would I recommend this filter to other people I know?yes I undoubtedly would. It shipped immediately very fast service. I received this product for free in exchange for product testing and review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and received no incentives or rewards for doing so. My aim is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a buyer, not hype the product for the manufacturer to increase sales. My remarks are sincere and true. All opinions are my own and they are not influenced by anyone but myself. If my review helped you make a purchase decision, please vote "Yes" below.

  • Mallory18 - Too early to tell, but seems promising.

    Wish I purchased sooner. 9m pregnant, have some belly stretch marks. 29yo, but from a young age always been prone to them, esp during growth spurt and developing at young age (breasts, arms, hips) So, figured it was inevitable I would get more while pregnant. Purchased after the fact, to prevent them from getting worse/help to lighten them. In hindsight would've been interesting to see if it actually worked as a preventative... Helps reduce itching, and moisturizes. Using on belly and now on breasts in case when my milk comes in, and they increase in size- worried my faint old stretch marks may worsen, or may get new ones. Also using on arms similarly, to prevent worsening of old existing old marks, since I've gained weight during pregnancy. I like the smell too, seems beachy and happy in a sense. Used to using lotion so not sure how much oil is suitable to apply to each area in order to be "effective". Just kinda gauge it by how moisturized it feels I guess... So much cheaper on Amazon than in stores!!

  • Michael Clark - Small, but mighty!

    I'm having a great time with my new Mynt. I've tried lots of other trackers including Tile and Stick-n-Find but so far I'm very impressed. Setup