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  • Amazon Customer - Definitely recommend!

    Gift for my brothers birthday. We're all fans of the Lego games, so it was obvious this would be added to our collection. He loves it, I love it, family loves it. I qualified for the free same day shipping, so it was delivered within 5 hours of placing the order.

  • lizaliz86 - Tastes so bad :(

    I really wanted to love this... but it's so gross. I love the VegaOne shakes and I wanted to try this brand out for the Cookies N Cream and even with added milk and bananas it's near impossible to put down :( So sad! I bought a huge thing too!

  • Amwaj Blizzard - Great Turmeric/Black Pepper Supplement!

    I just bought your product recently for myself, my mother and step dad to help with joints and other medical conditions. We have used turmeric in the past, but not as high as a quality and not with the black pepper like these. It really makes a different, even though we have only been using them for a short amount of time.

  • Granny Bev - Love it, love it, love it!!!!

    I bought my Nuwave from BB&B and you couldn't pry it out of my hands! I have used it for two weeks every day and love everything about it! I live in my RV and am not a happy gas stove aficionado, so was looking for an alternative. Bought one of those electric burner thingies, but that didn't cut it! I was also very lucky because my cookware (QVC brand) was magnetized and works beautifully on my cooktop! I love that you can turn soups/spaghetti sauces etc way down to simmer (which I cannot do on my gas stove). I love that I can do quesadillas on a higher heat!!

  • Jared T Fowkes - Easy to install and it appears to grip the existing ...

    Easy to install and it appears to grip the existing Subaru rails perfectly. I can't wait to go put some gear on it!