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  • Aéyess - There is Love in the Work

    Picking Corey apart for this record has been an exercise in age shaming, talent shaming, white privilege shaming, Michael Jackson shaming, and on and on. Corey clearly put his heart into the record and worked really hard on it. There are flashes of exceptional music. We should all be free to live our dream and not be destroyed on the internet just because how someone performs doesn't fit your particular version of excellence. You have to take the music in the spirit in which it is given not compare every artist to the incomparable. Corey, if you're reading this, I believe in you, and would love to record with you because I see in your work the love you put into it.

  • Alicia Young - Great workout

    My brother and I are doing the series together and have been doing it for a few weeks. Yes the moves are basic, but they work and I appreciate that I’m not flailing about like a fish out of water. These workouts are challenging and produce results. You can modify and adjust as your fitness improves, or depending on your soreness! Results and progress are what keep me motivated. Just like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. This set is an excellent value for the price. We love the challenge of these workouts. I can’t wait to see the changes in my body over the next few weeks, I am gaining muscle and losing fat and am very excited. I also added an excellent testosterone booster to my workout regimen and I really feel the difference, it works 

  • lauraholland - Attention Pharm students !!!!

    I am a nursing student currently in pharmacology and i found these drug cards very handy. Please believe you will still have to look up in your drug reference book for more info, especially since these cards don't list all needed info. I agree that it is a little hard to take cards out and put back in but the info given its very helpful! I had to do drug cards for all the meds my pt is on and ALL her meds were listed on this set of cards! The price is expensive but if you have the extra cash I would recommend buying this! 3/8/13 Update I got a 91 in Pharmacology for the semester!!!

  • Matthew Allen - All though it looks great and was easy to install

    I installed this on my wife's '11 Toyota sienna van. All though it looks great and was easy to install, several of our local stations were lost. I will be returning and reinstalling the factory antenna. Disappointed.

  • Amazon Customer - its in the lyrics

    This is her. She speaks through this album. It's original and sincere. It's not like her other albums, but it's simple and has relevant history. I think this is a way of showing us who she is behind all the suits. This is yet another work of art, thanks Joanne.

  • sunshyne66 - Product itself is decent but packaging is defective and leaks

    I do want to say that I do like the way the makeup looks and feels on me. I really liked the product itself. I purchased my Luminess system direct from the company in December of 2015. I spent around 450 dollars with the system that included the makeup, an upgrade on the system (which I ended up getting two machines) and a ton of half price makeup (highlighter, moisturizer, primers, skin care, etc).