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  • Livingstonetech - Stinks like... well, it smells.

    Careful not to accidentally spill on yourself... I didn't notice a glob on my forearm until it was too late. :( Works great after the second or third application if you are hairy like a rug. Make sure to take a long shower with some good smelling soap, otherwise you will smell like burnt hair. Yuck.

  • S. Dumas - Awesome!!! My daughter's Hair looks gorgeous!

    My daughter has corkicelli or 3b curls. Her hair looks gorgeous with the Curly Girl method and this stuff. I also bought the Knot Today detangler. This custard gel is all natural, it smells great, it has no harsh chemicals, and it looks amazing. It washes right off your hands when you are finished applying it, too. We think it's worth every penny. While we are "Curly Girl Method" dropouts, we will use this gel forever. It has some info we missed, when we were just reading on the internet about the CG method.

  • jan westbrook - Dead Doctors Dont Lie

    I bought this book for my mother. She really likes the book and has learned a lot of useful information. Mom said she finds the book hard to follow and watching him on tv is easier for her. She is not sure about the amount to use on the things she has looked up in the book. She is fighting very aggressive breast cancer and is trying to find a natural approach along with chemotherapy. She is happy that she has the book and wants to use it along side his tv programs.

  • A. Harris - Loved It!

    We used the island at a lake, oars helped us move it around in the water and we did anchored it to keep it in one place. My teeage boys had a blast and the adults enjoyed it as well. The only thing we had trouble with was getting back on the island while it was in the deeper water but even that caused more than a few laughs! The materials are heavy duty and constructed well. It is easy to inflate and deflate (actually fit back in the original box). We are happy with the purchase.