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Fran Costigan :: queen of vegan desserts - Fran Costigan is a veteran culinary instructor, an author, consultant, and recipe developer. She is widely recognized as an innovative pastry chef who marries healthy eating with sumptuous tastes.

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  • Joanne - Good product

    Considering I live in a trailer without an oven or stovetop, this is a great help. Have not and any problem with it at all. My only suggestion is to have an actual CLICK off for the knobs. Just hitting it without knowing turns it on. Dangerous and scary. Thanks

  • Rainy Brodie - Had to return

    Did not work on windows 8.1 as other reviews said it would ...had to return item. Will work fine with XP or windows 7.

  • J. Prince - Doesn't work

    I really wanted this to work and used it religiously. I had read that it works on caps etc but it doesn't work at all.

  • SasprillaGeorge - Might be good for baby nails

    Might be good for baby nails. But doesn't work so well on adults. Husband wanted to try this out for his toenails as he suffers from ingrown nails easily if they are not cut properly and thought this might help. The opening was so narrow he couldn't use it that way. Tried it on his fingernails, and it does work to some degree, but he said it wasn't a very pleasant feeling and it left the nail ragged, not smooth like a clipper would.

  • Mamma Jamma - BAD. Get the gel form if handicapped or elderly

    Word of caution ! I'm in a wheel chair. Wort is on my inner lower arm. Because I can't stand when I use the freeze off Compound W I'm at breathing level of the fumes. BAD. Get the gel form if handicapped or elderly

  • Anon - Awesome classic

    Of course, like 90% of Americans, who remember this song, love the drum solo. Buy it and reminisce. worth the money