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Garcia Law Group, PLLC - The Garcia Law Group is dedicated to helping clients solve problems. We are passionate about our work, and we are results-oriented, client-focused attorneys.

  • http://garcialawgrouppllc.com/index.php/en/areas-of-practice/health-law Health Law - Healthcare practitioners are often forced to engage in legal affairs such as contracting, licensure and disciplinary actions, regulatory review, employment and negligence claims. Lawrence Garcia and Stephani Judd have spent many years counseling and defending doctors, dentists, nurses and others in these technical, professional matters. They are dedicated to helping healthcare professionals practice without unnecessary anxiety or expense due to legal concerns.
  • http://garcialawgrouppllc.com/index.php/en/blog/item/50-lawrence-garcia-wins-another-no-cause-victory Lawrence Garcia Wins Another No Cause Victory - Improving his jury trial record to 19-3, Lawrence García recently won another no cause victory in a medical malpractice case arising out of Oakland Co...

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  • Gabrielle Vinyard - Caliper Maptitude and Environmental Work

    Caliper Maptitude has been super helpful in doing environmental work and monitoring waterways and their surrounding neighborhoods. It allows you to add important layers to the main page so that you can add even more information. It is also a nice stepping stone from Google Maps to a program like GSI.

  • Nini - Love this seasoning!

    I LOVE this seasoning! I use it in all my Mexican style dishes. So convenient to have all the spices together instead of individual jars! I wish the nutrition information was in larger type. I did have to go and check the McCormick site for the sodium content which was a lot lower than I expected.

  • Nikki H. - I think this hot cream is just as good as any other type of cellulite wraps products (the ...

    Holy smokes - this can get HOT :-) A little warning......I applied this one time AFTER I exfoliated and took a hot bath and I think it opened up my pores and let's just say, I thought maybe I was going to not only burn the fat away but my entire leg - ha!

  • Mumzard - Very Nice for Redness

    I had been using BB cream and needed more when I came across the CC cream. I have quite a bit of redness in my face and this does a great job of evening out my skin tone to neutral. I love that is moisturizes and tints but doesn't feel heavy on my skin. I had been using a much more expensive brand but my Mom loves Aveeno products so I decided to give this a try and I'm so glad I did.

  • Jeremy M. Dacosta - The mats aren't as deep as I thought they might ...

    The mats aren't as deep as I thought they might be. Spilled on them and the liquid made it to the carpet in the back seat area easily