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  • Andrew LB - Some unresolved issues but mostly an excellent modem

    I've owned the Motorola SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem since late summer 2012 and for the most part i've been very satisfied. I'm a subscriber to Time Warner Cable's "Extreme Internet" which is advertised at 30/5 (down/up) and with the cheap TWC supplied Arris branded modem my connection was iffy at best, and performance data using would result in pings in the 30-50 milliseconds and I don't recall ever being able to achieve a sustained download speed of 30 megabit. With the Motorola SB6141 hitting the 30/5 limits on bandwidth are not just on occasion, but every single time. And even more impressive are my ping times which as of 5 minutes ago were 5ms. This is a MASSIVE reduction in latency is the most important factor because every single time your computer makes a send/receive request, sometimes dozens of times per second which results in a tiny delay measured in milliseconds that truly does add up and is the reason why high ping causes online games to lag and web pages to not load quickly.

  • Ken Lowery - Shocked

    I was very surprised that after paying such a high price for this book, that it contained a single page with the word "Turn" on it. Now admittedly it was a very large font. Which is reminiscent of Captain Trimmer's other book "How to avoid large fonts" which also contains a single page with the words "print smaller" on it though as you might suppose this is in a rather small font

  • Agent_Cooper - Just OK...didn't work fully with our setup

    Parts of this kit are nice...the pole, brush, net and long hose have been quite handy. As for the vacuum parts...they don't seem to work with our filter. We have the big, Intex 2,650 gallons sand filter which is supposed to be strong enough, but every time I try to use it the suction is almost nonexistent. I'm very careful to avoid getting air into the hose and everything but it still seems like the pump is laboring far to much for my taste.