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  • TruthCatcher - Heats up well but has a short life

    I am on the second plastic dome in 7 months with this oven. It is very prone to cracks in the top of the dome where it connects into the fan/motor head. I have treated it with kidd gloves and yet it continues to develop hairline cracks that grow over time to the point where it is no longer useable. A real waste of money because of how cheaply the dome is made. As for the motor and base, they work great! The oven heats quickly and seems to heat evenly. It's just sad that the dome needs replacing every 5 to 8 months, and the dome replacement is NOT cheap. I will be looking for a glass domed traditional convection oven next, very soon. This product has a lot of potential, but this issue needs fixing. I've written to the company about the dome issues and have been ignored. It's not likely that they are not aware of it. When they fix this issue, perhaps I will purchase this oven again.

  • Keith - Great software, terrible service, terrible value

    I've used Peachtree since the mid 90s, and can easily endorse it as great software. But the recent changes at Sage have made it a terrible value! If you want to use payroll, get any updates, etc. the annual fee is now $879 per year. And they lock the payroll service if you don't pay that fee - you cannot cut a payroll check without paying them the $879 annual fee. In past versions you could manually update tax tables and use payroll without any issues. With the release of 2013 they changed that, and then this summer announced that tax table updates would now cost $879 annually. So pay it, or no payroll function.

  • Alex - Quality control issues inexcusable for price of product

    I have two of these keyboards: a Chroma that I use at work, and an Ultimate that I use at home. While they keyboards look and feel great, I've experienced problems with the switches on multiple keys with both keyboards. Sometimes, when I type a key, the switch will get stuck down so that the key command keeps repeating. For example, sometimes I'll be typing and the last letter of a word will repeat like thissssssssssssssssss until I either hit the key again or press another key. Sometimes it'll happen with the backspace key, and the next thing I know I've lost 2 sentences.

  • Jonny Blaker - One of a kind

    Custom nike air max 14's with a style you will not find anywhere else. I get compliments all the time and asked where I found these puppies!