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govconnect.org.uk Review:

Home Page - Govconnect - Govconnect is a social enterprise dedicated to assisting the wide range of organisations challenged with delivering the NHS 5 year forward view strategy and all other associated healthcare policy.

  • http://govconnect.org.uk/index.php/govconnect-work Our Work - Govconnect - Govconnect seeks to ensure that the vision for Health and Care is delivered upon, and all partner organisations have a platform through which they can communicate implementation strategies, disseminate best practice and share lessons learned.
  • http://govconnect.org.uk/index.php/govconnect-conferences Conferences - Govconnect - Govconnect provides events and conferences for subject matter relating to NHS and healthcare related topics in the United Kingdom
  • http://govconnect.org.uk/index.php/govconnect-webinars Webinars - Govconnect - Govconnect provides events and webinars for subject matter relating to NHS and healthcare related topics in the United Kingdom

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -118.3928 California, United States

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