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grow2bfit.org Review:

The Grow 2B Fit Program - Where families grow to be fit and learn to be healthy Tucson, AZ - Welcome to The Grow 2B Fit Program, where families grow to be fit and learn to be healthy! We work with families in Tucson, AZ

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  • Joe's Garage - Good knife

    Nice solid folding knife. The blade launcher takes some practice in order to swing the blade open in one quick one-handed movement. Tip: bring your index finger down on the blade launcher with a fast quick motion, sort of like how you snap your fingers. Speed is better than power here. A fast, snap-like motion will not fail to fully deploy the blade. But it does take a lot of practice before you can do it reliably, each and every time.

  • Ivan - Not insightful at all, unless you are completely clueless

    When I got laid off from my job some time ago, I though I would pick this book up to sort of get me in the mood for job searching. I have since read it and found it to be a complete disappointment and a waste of time. I think that unless you know absolutely nothing about job searching, this book will provide zero insight. It is filled with extremely obvious and generalized advice such as use as many sources to search for jobs as possible, send a thank you note after the interview, tap into your network during job search, dont talk about salary first, pursue jobs you find interesting, write down on a piece of paper things that you are good at, etc - I think you get the idea. If the book's really self-evident counsel isn't enough, it managed to annoy even further with its self-help tone that makes it sound like The Secret.

  • Dave - great and fun and can save you over $100,000!

    Of all the standardized test prep series, I prefer Princeton Review and actually even enjoy them. They write with a sense of humor and most of their explanations on how to attack the problems and what the answers should be and why are generally excellent. I also recommend their SAT book. Also, the SAT is my test of choice as it is more fun and is the only one that can result in National Merit Scholar status which can result in scholarships amounting to over $100,000. Very worthwhile.

  • secretguard - Classic

    Great song that brought back a lot of memories! While Heart had a lot of hits, this has always been my favorite.

  • A. Baston - Works very, very well.- (However, Please see UPDATE of review)

    UPDATE: 6-27-10 - I still agree with everything I wrote below as far as what an outstanding product Wet & Forget is - HOWEVER, One must wear a mask when spraying this product - It will make you feel sick. if the winds blows up and you get a mouthful or even just light spraying and sucking down the vapors....A few hours after spraying, it'll zaps you of all energy, as well as light-headedness and rummy stomach aching, you'll feel like just lying in bed for a day or two - I would absolutely recommend a breathing mask of some type for any spaying with this product, even light spraying. Wet & Forget is a great product as I described below, but I had to deducted a star for the obvious toxicity that it fails to mention on the label.