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  • gwb1943 - fungal soap

    This is a good body wash to use but you need to get some deodorant to go with it. It has a strong pine tar scent that has a lingering odor for some time after using it. The first time I used it, my wife came into the bedroom and the first thing she said was, what's that stink????? When I told her, she said that she didn't think that she would be able to stay in there with me. Out came the air freshener and deodorant.

  • Ng98 - Great little brush

    This works great. I bought this in hopes of reducing my dogs shedding. I had watched a video with a similar product. I wasn't amazed like I was on the video. However it works pretty darn good. I pulled tons of hair off of my dogs!! It's almost like a razor that doesn't cut hair..I'm not exactly sure how to explain how this works. It really doesn't seem like much , but it works really well!

  • MeteorMagnet - Dry and .. snug. Maybe too snug...

    This jacket STOPS rain. It has side pockets that easily hold 750ml bottles, and pit zips for venting. I do have a couple of quibbles, though:

  • Samuel James - looks quite stylish

    These Bluetooth headphones are such a good idea, I am used to having the normal wired ones and the wire often gets in the way or caught on something. These ones with no trailing wires make such a huge difference.

  • Carrie Howard - Doesn't work

    My son was very upset when he opened this Christmas morning and it doesn't work. We have tried, and tried but it still isn't working.

  • Sue C. Dees - Disappointed

    This came highly recommended by a co-worker. She said it really helped her knee pain. So I quickly bought some for my shoulder pain, I may as well have rubbed cold cream on my shoulder for all the relief I got. Since my co-worker says it works for her, it must work for some but not all.

  • C. Johnson - Software is full of errors and things that worked in 2013 don't work now

    I have used Quicken for years. I started with 2009 and have upgraded every year. Most of those upgrades have been great. This one is a disaster. The screen fails to refresh correctly and then blanks out and comes back. The online balance doesn't refresh when you download transactions so you have to the download twice. The "reconcile with online balance" option just flat out doesn't work and Quicken's official fix for that is to not use it... Why do they even have options if they don't work?!?