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  • Phil Renteria - 50th review

    So, let me start by saying that I honestly don't remember how I came across this book, or what led me to purchase it. Truthfully, I had just about given up having a lively sex life with the wife and would have settled for the 'its normal' waning period of marriage even during my mid thirties (which would suck) and focus more on beta activities such as gardening and child rearing.

  • Intellectualista - Analysis: Opposites & comparisons

    This picture book is an excellent way to teach opposites and comparisons. Child readers will learn context and connotation: what it means to be small and to be big. As a pattern book, the useful repetition of words effectively guides beginning readers. The illustrations are cartoon style, the colors are vivid and appear childlike with the use of line and pencil / crayon. The characters' expressions accurately convey mood and add context. The word size and font is consistent, which adds readability and accessibility for beginning readers. Bravo!

  • Cheryl L. Matthews - Do NOT Buy!!!!

    I would give this zero stars if I could. I bought this based on the reviews. The bag I received has one month left before it hit the expiration date. I used it anyway. NOTHING grew. Waste of time. I went back to ordering Combat Extreme Northern mix from Outside Pride and hope I will have enough time to get it down and growing now before it gets too hot. I should not have attempted to switch, but did so only because of the free shipping and good reviews. At least the Combat Extreme grows and looks nice year after year. Have two Labs and need to reseed annually to keep the back yard in shape.