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Home Health Care, Medical Supplies, Pharmacy Services | Illinois Health Care Association Buyers' Guide - Welcome to the Illinois Health Care Association Buyers’ Guide. Find listings for long term and assisted care facilities, programs, and services focused on the Illinois health care industry.

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  • Shelby - Yep - love these. They fit perfectly and have already handled ...

    Yep - love these. They fit perfectly and have already handled everything this equestrian barn rat can throw at them. Mud, shavings, manure, slush, and water...it contained everything and saved my new car's carpet. I don't worry about ruining my car anymore with my lifestyle. I would buy these again 100 times over.

  • Cindy Rampmeyer - Fantastic!

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This book is about a race of shape shifting dragons who are looking for mates. Jarek is not looking for a mate. He is the War Master and is only there to help his warriors find mates. However, fate has other plans, and puts Melissa in his path. Melissa and Jarek both have issues in their past and some feel they are unworthy of having a mate. Jarek is trying to decide if he should keep Melissa as his mate because he feels she deserves a better mate then he would be and at the same time, trying to keep the alliance between the Preor and the Ujal from falling apart. I love this series and this book is an excellent addition to it. Can't wait for the next book in this series. I love all of Erin Tate's books.

  • James - Decreasing value

    This product is unfortunately decreasing in overall value. It has steadily decreased over the past 2 - 3 years in terms of coupons related to Las Vegas. There are still some decent coupons but really not worth the hassle in my opinion. I recently had an issue with one particular coupon during my latest trip to Vegas. It was a coupon for Hash House a go go. The value of the coupon was for $10 off of a bill of $25 or more. The coupon said it was good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I went at 1 pm, we had our meals and at the time of the bill I presented the coupon. The manager came by after several minutes and told us that typically they don't accept coupons during brunch or on weekends but after a discussion she stated that would accept it. If that is one of the exceptions, then it should be listed that way. I found it quite embarrassing and unprofessional. I'll look each year at the coupon lists to see if any new coupons are offered and if the value increases but will only purchase if that occurs.

  • Rose - Fun Game

    This is a great game and its fun to watch a recap of your video on the Xbox. Just wish it would have more dances included.

  • Jose Luis Lavin - candida albicans

    I must write a review for this item for it could help other ladies. I have been long suffering from an acute case of candida albicans. I had read and tried no sugar diets, various natural supplements, extensive reading on this particular problem. I tried Candizyme, one night when I walked into a well known store and they suggested I try it. I have been candida free!!!!! ever since. I am ordering a bottle to keep handy just in case. It really worked for me. My husbands name is on the review, sorry I do not know how to change it.

  • Maya-Nicole - I got like the whole combo pack which included three different supplements

    I got like the whole combo pack which included three different supplements, supplement drink mix, and like 4 work out guides and i spent a nice penny about 200 bucks anywho i had ome named burner and i when i took them my skin LITERALLY felt like it was on fire well my arms and legs like my skin was melting it freaked me out like i went the emergency room and everything but by that time my body regulated it self again, it might just be me i might have some allergies towards it im not sure but my skin wasnot sweating more like bending and folding more than i thought possible