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iodineresearch.com Review:

Iodine Research - Resource Network for the Iodine Movement - IodineResearch.com is committed to preserving crucial information rediscovered in the wake of iodine as a "universal nutrient."

  • http://iodineresearch.com/debunked.html Debunking the Myth of "Iodized" Salt - Think you get enough iodine from iodized salt? Does your iodized salt contain any iodine at all? Recent studies show alarming facts.

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  • tebb23 - Customer first

    I am writing this review despite the fact that I can't use these blades, but the customer experience I had with the company is above and beyond worthy of a 5 star rating. I have very sensitive skin and the 6 blades perhaps were too much for me, my shave was outstanding but my skin was irritated for a couple days. I gave my set to my son and he loves them and uses them daily without issues and I think he will be ordering more as he also loves the price. I replied to the initial email from the company I received a few days after I got my shaver set and I told them about my skin irritation and they honestly seemed concerned for my health, even a few days later sending a follow-up email and asking if I was okay and had the issue cleared up. It's just nice and refreshing to have a company online actual show concern. I would not hesitate to buy these as a gift and will definitely buy from this company again. Thank you again.

  • Joanne K - I have a hard time opening the top with painful Rhematoid arthritis hands

    I have a hard time opening the top with painful Rhematoid arthritis hands :( I wish they made the top for the people they are making the product for! It is a great product and works well, but unless my husband is around I have no way of opening the bottle with the top they have on it. I have to resort to other brands sometimes if I find myself in pain and have no one to help me open it.