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  • ndcColorado - Great songs!

    This game has a good newer music that the kids all enjoy dancing to. They range in age from 9 to 18. It allows them to dance with people around the world in online mode, and the graphics look better than previous editions.

  • Mark from Torrance - I think this helps!

    This I like! Remember that it is a pre-rinse as in before you brush! It is NOT mouthwash. I still do not think that I get everything, but my teeth do seem cleaner than they did with out this stuff.

  • Clifford F. Eclarino - Stop looking at the price, its worth more than what they ask...

    I have to admit, I am not the most experienced rider but I am very particular about my gear. I do ride all day on the weekends and the helmet has to be one of the most critical investments a person can make. So far I have tried a Specialized Echelon, Bell Volt, Giro Saros, and most recently the Giro Aeon. First off I wish I made this purchase to start with then I woudn't have even bothered with the rest. This helmet is lightweight, has excellent ventailation, looks slick, and extremely comfortable. Also with my head size 59cm, this puts me in the Medium size, as opposed to other Large sizes. This works out so I don't have a monsterous dome cover on my head. It is pricey, but it is also the most important safety equipment one can buy so why skimp on protecting your head. The weight savings (over 120gs in some cases) may not seem a lot, but after 6 hours in the saddle it makes a difference in comfort. I love the adjustability of the roc loc system makes for a perfect fit. I wouldn't hestitate to buy this helmet if you are commited to cycling or are a serious hobbyiest like myselft. When in doubt, try one on for size at your local shop and use their fitting measurement as a true way to determine your helmet size.

  • Sam Mac - Body Armor replacement bumper for Toyota Tacoma

    Just got done installing my new Body Armor bumper on my Toyota. Outstanding product, it took longer to remove the old factory bumper than to install the new one. Directions are very good. All the holes lined up with the factory mounts. The seller Never Enough Auto shipped it in a timely fashion. Price was good not much more to say other than I couldn’t be happier.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Mr. Clean uhhh I mean Mr. Pisapia really knows his area of expertise! This book is a must-read NOW while it's still the offseason so you can maximize your potential.

  • a viewer - Best bouillion cubes

    This is another item that my supermarket used to carry but then stopped carrying. They still carry Telma Chicken and Beef consomme cubes, but ceased carrying the mushroom and vegetable cubes. I don't know why.....and none of the other supermarkets in the area carry it.