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  • garkin - They really need to work on allowing people to enter their serial numbers without setting up an account.

    Good software, but a terrible activation system. I had to register the product and set up an account before I could activate it, since the initial activation page does not allow you to enter the entire product serial number and it said that my serial number was invalid until I completed the registration and was able to enter the entire product serial number.

  • randomconsumer - It does not have nearly enough problems.

    The strategies are great, but it only has about 9-11 problems after every chapter, then just 2 practice tests. It does provide 2 other on-line tests, but the book definitely needs to be supplemented with more problems. This book alone is not sufficient practice for the GRE's in my opinion.

  • Kindle Customer - love love love it

    I was doubtful that a floor scrubber would clean my textured porcelain floor. The only thing that seemed to work was a hands and knees scrub brush cleaning. The mop just could not get it clean enough. I bought the Hoover out of desperation-my beautiful cream colored floor was looking grimy and gray and the grout was impossible.

  • Wolfgang Unger - It works and works well!

    Work at a church that insists on Norton. Two weeks ago the pastor got infected with malware from going to some politcal sites (Both parties!). Norton did not catch it until it was already infected. I have never been infected with Kaspersky! It catches malware and trojan horse viruses before it gets into your system on the fly as my email comes in and disinfects those files! Yes Norton has some nice tools in the 360, but so what if it lets the bad guys get past the front door! Been a Kaspersky user since 2003 and have not looked back! I actually take friends hard drives who have been infected and load them in USB cradle and clean them with Kaspersky on my computer!

  • V. Bhimani - Best screen protector

    I was not a big fan of screen protector after gorilla glass arrived. My impression was that they mess up authentic look of screen. On top of that bubbles under screen protector spoil visual effects. This protector proved me wrong. Very easy to install, no bubbles, perfect fit. I liked round edge of screen protector.