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  • Barbara Jacobs - Who can you trust

    What a great story. No billionaires to the rescue just ordinary hardworking people trying to make sense of what is happening around them. Haylie and Luke lifelong friends become lovers for a night or so they thought. Some dreams realized some stolen. Senseless loss of loved ones that were taken to young and some by the one person who is supposed to be a source of peace and comfort. Can the past and present tragedies bring them together forever?

  • A User - Great Product

    The product arrived right and time and was in perfect condition and super soft. It was perfect for my sweet granddaughter.

  • KimSooAh - Book helpful, online part has some errors

    I only alloted myself two weeks to study so I probably didn't get as much from the study guide as I could have. Regardless, overall it was very helpful. But I suggest you time yourself (I thought I was doing very well but after timing myself, I realized I was moving way too slow on the math sections). The online portion has some definite errors and typos. This makes it very frustrating because I can't be certain for other questions if Kaplan is wrong, or if I'm just not understanding their reasoning.

  • Henry - Look Elsewhere

    This book is most certainly not an update from the previous edition and adds no new information regarding the different format of the 2015 AP Chemistry Exam. Some of the information in this book does not even pertain to the content that students will be tested on for the AP test and the rest of it is either too confusing or just plain wrong!

  • Terra - Best workout

    This game is the best. My toddlers and my self love to play this game. It usually at the end of the day has my kids ready for bed and happy while playing it. The graphics are cute and the songs are good. The online version of this game is amazing cause its fun to go against other real people that are dancing with you.

  • tgfamazon - This does not work. I was desperate to try ...

    This does not work. I was desperate to try everything before giving into an endometrial ablation for heavy periods. I have no physiological reason except age and hormones to blame on the 10 day long periods that I have. I gave this product a try, but in the end, it just didn't help at all.