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Urban Dirt Farmer - Adventures of an athletically- and artistically-inclined gardener who is slowly transforming a boring early 80s tract house lot into an oasis.

  • http://kuykendallleslie.typepad.com/blog/2011/01/complications.html Complications - Urban Dirt Farmer - **WARNING: THIS POST INCLUDES SOME SERIOUSLY GNARLY PHOTOS OF A DEHISCING INCISION, INFECTED WOUND AND THE AFTERMATH OF DEBRIDEMENT SURGERY, INCLUDING EXPOSED BONE, SO IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH, CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED.** However, not every photo is gruesome. I will try to give you advance warning when something nasty is approaching....
  • http://kuykendallleslie.typepad.com/blog/2010/11/life-is-what-happens-to-you-while-youre-busy-making-other-plans.html Warrior Dash Write-Up: I Become the Course's Bonus Obstacle - Urban Dirt Farmer - I'll keep this entry short because I am typing one-handed, for reasons that will become clear momentarily. A few months ago, along with some friends, the missus and I signed up to run the Warrior Dash. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Fast-forward to Saturday, November 20, 2010:...

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • ANNETTE E BROWN - Great Digital Reference

    I enjoy the idea that I have digital access to the reference on my tablet notebook. It makes writing on the go much easier.

  • Tom K. - Highly recommend

    This product works great. I leave the outside lights on 24/7 for security purposes but the spiders/cob webs were everywhere. I clean them out and then sprayed this product. It works extremely well when the whole area is coated to get rid of all spiders hiding in each crevice. I have recommended this to all of my neighbors.

  • Herbie41 - Amazing Scar Cream!

    This scar cream is amazing! I have only been using it for about three days and I can actually see the scar disappearing before my eyes. It has so many amazing, natural, healing ingredients that really does heal and repair the skin. A little goes a VERY long way so it is absolutely worth the cost. I only need a half pump and I use it about three times a day. It has a very light lavender scent to it which I like and I normally hate anything with fragrance. I will definitely keep this on hand from now on. I am so happy that I took a chance with his product.

  • Positive Thinker - Smoothing Out The Negatives

    I just read the comments of the gentleman that was in their own business over 4 years and who found it to be an expensive business decision. Yes, any business system requires descretionary spending and investment to learn and move products, especially in a global market.

  • Mary E. Sheehan - too many minerals

    This would cost a fortune to buy all that is required and would choke swallowing them. I would like to send it back very disappointed with this book.

  • K. Byrnes - Great bag!

    My husband definitely needed a new golf bag. I don't know much about golf so trusted the reviews written here. The bag arrived very quickly with fast shipping from Amazon. This is a great looking bag with lots of space and spots for all of your golf items. We bought the black bag and it looks very classy out on the course!

  • cheryl huelski - Favorite Diffuser

    This Diffuser is wonderful! The changing colors let me personalize it for my kids. It is quiet and does a great job of diffusing.