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What We Do - HL7, SQL, MySQL, Clinical Systems, Practice Management, EHR, LIS, RIS, Clinical System Data Extraction, Analysis, and Reporting (Clinical and Financial Metrics)

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  • kirk nelson - don't risk it

    I mixed 5 pouches of oil (pouch per gallon) in a jug with 5 gallons of gas in our polaris snowmobile. Started the engine and warmed it up 5-10 minutes before riding across a field on our farm and half way back before the engine blew up from a lean condition. I rode very easily not even over 3/4 throttle during that time. Opti 2 wont stand behind this product and told me gas has gone down in quality over the years so the gas was the problem. The same gas from the same caseys general store I used a week before with valvoline multipurpose oil at 50:1 didnt blow up my engine as it should have with their statement. I had a fresh 5 gallons of gas mixed with opti 2 oil to their marks because the napa guy said it was all they had and it says it's good for everything. Severely scuffed pistons are a sign of the oil film breaking down.

  • Reall Reviews Robert - 2 1/2 stars really

    Hard to rate something like this as we just have to go on faith that the software is finding all the deductions it can.

  • Michelle R. Danajka - Great for personal finance

    This is my first personal finance software. I just wish that it synced with my bank. It doesn't list BMO Harris. I hope they change that in the future. For now, I manually enter my transactions. It's so much better than keeping a handwritten checkbook.

  • Brenda C Barbour - Fantastic!

    Love, love, love the Medlov series. This was a fantastic book. Read it in one day. Gabriel finally got his due. Love that each story keeps all the families together. You have to read these books if you haven't before.

  • Courtney Chappelle - WorsT. Decision. Ever!

    I wouldn't even give this one star but it's necessary for rating. DO NOT BUY THIS. I actually spoke to someone who has PCOS and is a nutritionist on the phone before I purchased this and asked about side effects. I understand that she's not a doctor but she's revered in the PCOS world. Anywho, she assured me that generally there are not adverse or extreme side effects. She was really wrong. I did as recommended and started with one packet mixed with water and drank it with my dinner. About two hours later my stomach began to cramp in the worst way and I experienced diarrhea over the next hour or so over multiple trips to the bathroom. I thought my reaction to the Ovasitol was over until later that night when I woke up and my stomach was going crazy. I just barely made it to the bathroom before becoming violently ill and vomiting up everything I'd eaten since lunch. I haven't had to vomit since I was 12, I never get physically sick when I take meds so this all caught me by surprise. I had to call out of work the next day because I was in physical pain and had chills. I don't think I've ever sweated so much! I also experienced and am still experiencing slight chest pain. I'm not TTC but I was hoping this would help with my other PCOS symptoms. I won't be taking this again. All in all just don't take this. It's not worth it.

  • Ellen Su - Many many helpful features are now missing - updated

    I haven't even started using my 2011 version yet and am already disappointed. I am soooo sorry I uninstalled my 2010 version. (It is not advisable to have two versions on your computer.) I have been using this software since 2007 and have been happy with the upgrade versions until this one. I cannot preview my saved projects as in the past. All this program allows is to look at a bunch of Hallmark icons and file titles in a MSwindows pane. The previous version showed the card in special preview pane and I could scroll through them seeing all the fronts. This was very important to me, especially since it allows you to bring up saved cards no longer available in the current version. I have over 800 projects saved and like to go back and make sure I don't send the same card twice and sometimes pull up a special saved card or envelope to send someone else. It's impossible to find anything now.

  • Ian W. Ettinger - Cracking the GRE is by far the most user-friendly and helpful GRE prep book!!!

    I just finished studying for the GRE with Barron's, Kaplan, ETS, and Princeton Review, and Cracking the GRE is by far the best out of the four. Its math and verbal sections are incredibly user-friendly and helpful, and the analytical writing section is essential if you want a top-scoring essay on the test. Princeton Review not only tells you exactly what you need to do to get the highest scores on your essays, but its website also offers LiveGrader, a service which allows you to have your essays scored by actual graders (not computers!) for $6 per test. This is much cheaper than the grading service ETS offers ($13 per test)! The math section is excellent for someone (like me) who is not gifted in math, with the most simple, clear, and useful explanations of any GRE prep book I've found. As far as I'm concerned, Cracking the GRE is ESSENTIAL to do well on the GRE!! The only caveat I would add is that if you want a top score on the verbal section you'll also need to reference Barron's comprehensive vocabulary list, which is unmatched by any other book...