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  • Super Shopper - Very happy with the safety features of this seat

    Very happy with the safety features of this seat. Love that it can be rear-facing up to 55 lbs. The extended rear-facing is great for my large 2.5 year old. We have a 2016 Ford Explorer, and have installed the seat in the middle seat. Both my husband and I are both over 6 feet tall and we can comfortably sit in the driver's seat without interfering with the seat. Installation was quite difficult even for my engineer husband. Not as easy to move from car to car as the Britax Boulevard is, but the extended rear-facing is worth it in my book. My son calls this his fancy seat!

  • Sherry Greene - Love this!

    Debbie Macomber hits it out of the park with this one. One of my favorite books of all her Christmas books.

  • Kiba - Such a Joyful Experience!!

    These headphones actually exceeded my expectations. The Joyful Heart headphones arrive in a black zippered structured pouch to protect the headphones. I have used multiple types of headphones and these are the first to not give me issues. The sound quality is great and allows me to tune out people when listening to music or audiobooks. The volume does not have to be turned up extremely loud, till the point others can hear what I'm listening to. When I receive phone calls no one has complained that they can't hear me or that I sound muffled. Surprisingly I hear all my calls clear and don't have to turn the sound all the way up. I would recommend these to everyone because they are so versatile for all lifestyles.

  • Carla Martin - I would not recommend purchasing this

    This item is advertised as food grade Diatomaceous Earth. IT IS NOT FOOD GRADE! We found 2 HUGE broken pieces of glass bottles in it. I would not recommend purchasing this. There may be more broken bottle pieces further in the box.

  • Kevin Bowers - Working so far

    I bought this because I had exhaust leaking into the radiator system (Bubbling in the overflow/expansion tank). I followed the instructions, and at first it seemed to work, but after putting my foot on the gas it started bubbling in the overflow tank again. The directions were unclear if after you do all the steps, if you are supposed to completely drain the system, or if you drain just enough to add the anti-freeze coolant. I drained just enough to add the coolant. The bubbling began to be less and less over the following week, and now about a month later I am not losing any water and there is no more bubbling in the overflow, so it seems to have stopped the leak in my head gasket. I would always call these "sealants" a last ditch solution, but since I just spent $4000 on a Lexus IS300 and the mechanic said it is a 24 hour project to change the head gasket and would cost $3,000+ I decided to give it a try. I will say that it has seemed to work so far and am glad that I bought it.

  • R. Geneste - Kinky Curly Curling Custard isn't for people with type 4 hair

    I bought the product because I have really frizzy, kinky type 4 hair. I have a mixture of type 4 a and b. I tried it and it did create more curl but it was very dense and kinky curls. It didn't give the type of curls you see on the website. It does leave your hair pretty dry and causes more shrinkage. Also, it's a process in application if you do have very very very kinky hair like I do. You have to have soaking wet hair and if it's not it has no effect at all. If you like the texture and look of you hair right now and you want a extra curl to it- I would recommend it. However, if you thought it would transform your hair in any way- this isn't your product. It doesn't do miracles you can't have a type 4 hair go to a type 3. It want give you loose curls if you didn't have it already.