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  • Halim Amazon - Outstanding!

    We use it for our twins and cannot be more satisfied. It may take more time to get all of the mucos and boogers when they are dried out, but just keeping at it for a few minutes on and off so the baby doesn't get too irritated eventually gets them out. You may have to manuever the nozzle slightly up/down/back/forth to speed up the process.

  • J. Nicoll - BEST TOY EVER!

    I've always held fantasies of becoming a TSA agent, but was worried what my mother might think. Now I can be a TSA agent in the privacy of my own home, without the potential societal repercussions.

  • Willaton - Works great

    Works great and easy to use right after you clean your Trumpet or if your valve starts to stick, Easy to carry around in your case too.

  • Dennis R. Vazquez - Al Cass valve oil 2.0 oz

    Applied to an old trumpet whose valves were very stiff and the instrument is now working very well and the valves are easy to press and return very quickly to the top position! Price is very reasonable.

  • Cat's Meow - Winter's not coming for a while, but this brooch is here!

    I love this! Yes, it is on a smaller scale than the brooch used in the show but it is still well made and feels sturdy. It is a great conversation starter, especially if you run into another Game of Thrones fan. It is solid, the coloring is a burnished gold and it has a good amount of detail. Even up close I was not disappointed with the attention that was paid to it. It is reasonably priced and it doesn't look or feel like it is going to fall apart at a moment's notice.

  • Gillis - Five Stars

    Very easy to install and simple to use. Much more cost effective than purchasing direct from Toyota.

  • Evelyn Salt - Definitely recommend!

    I've only used this for cold beverages, but it definitely keeps them cold for quite a while. I had mine full of cold water from refrigerator, and after 4 hours in a car sitting in a parking lot (85 deg outside temp), the water was still cold when I drank it.