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  • Joanna Alonso - Mary kay timewise day and night solution set

    I've been using Mary Kay products 15 years and its the only product that works for my skin type. The mary kay timewise day and night solution has been one of my best product to use on a daily basis because it helps my skin look clean and it helps eliminate pimples scars and makes my face look smooth and health. I would recommend this product to anyone that has problems with oily skin and acne problem. You will like the feeling of waking up to a beautiful and fresh look in the morning.

  • Hailey Evans - Not worth it. First eyelash enhancer to burn my eyes

    I am highly disappointed in this product. I've tried many others and I bought this one after reading recommendations. When I put it on it burns not only my yes but also the skin of my eyelid which has never happened to me before. Very disappointed and I wish I could get my money back

  • C. Crossland - Concept works, not a lifestyle

    I completely agree with the concept of watching carbs and sugars. This is the basis of many diets, including The South Beach Diet. My issue with this is calling it a lifestyle. In the FAQs the author says that unlike South Beach and Atkins there is no initial phase, it is a lifestyle. I don't see this being a reality for most people. On the South Beach diet you don't eat sugar or carbs for two weeks. You know it will be tough, but it will end after two weeks. On Belly Fat Cure every day is unrealistic. My husband had a bowl of cereal (Origianl Special K - 4 grams of sugar per serving) and a banana and already had exceeded his sugar limit for the day! This is not a lifestyle! We suffered through two tough weeks on the South Beach Diet to curb sugar cravings. It worked. If we knew we were only doing this for a few weeks it might be acceptable. To think cereal and a banana was too much for life, not so easy to deal with. Also, as others said I could not find many of the items in the recipes in my local stores. I will continue to watch sugar and carbs, but disappointed overall.

  • Corbyusa - A little to scientific for me..

    Can't say that I love it, got the audio book as a have a fairly long commute and thought this would be the best way to absorb the content... Good book with interesting content...