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  • Martha - The glasses are perfect

    The glasses I liked very much, arrived just in time and I were perfect........I try to purchase a frame before with another online store and it was terrible, with you everything has been perfect

  • Lisa - Kissing Virgil

    Thank you, John Camp, for Virgil Flowers! In this excellent installment of the series, Virgil rides all over Minnesota and Wisconsin in pursuit of a pair of abducted Amur tigers. From the crazy kidnapping antics, you figure this might be a rather benign story. You would be wrong. Blood, guts, cruelty, dismemberment, murder, assault, arson, you name it... Virgil and his superbly drawn cast of allies hunt down the Xanax-soaked villain and his butchering but endangered accomplices.

  • Lance - If you get one, you better get it right before you need it, or it will dry up unopened.

    Bought a pack of this a couple o f years ago, and within a few months, still packed and unopened, it turned solid.

  • Actor Man - This is a great addition to your collection at this price

    This is a great addition to your collection at this price. Other BC "Best Of''s" don't have this deep a playlist of their hits and semi-hits. Their sound holds up remarkably well, especially "Burnin' Sky" which is, as mentioned, not on some other collections. I'm not sure I will be listening to a solid hour of Bad Company, but they are a great addition to any 70's playlist.

  • Nancy Famolari - Holmes and Watson Search for a Stolen Secret Weapon

    It’s a busy time at 221B Baker Street. First Lucy James, Holmes daughter from a brief affair, comes to the flat with a newspaper telling of the death of a banker who was involved in a German assassination plot. Holmes foiled the plot, but now the banker has been murdered.

  • bob fox - Badly affected computer performance

    I bought Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus 2013 because it was highly rated in a prominent computer website. Part of the high rating was for good system performance. That wasn't my experience. I had Avast Internet Security, but switched to Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus because of the high rating in the computer website review. My mouse arrow was slow to respond and I often saw the spinning circle telling me to wait for functions that used to happen quickly. After a couple of days watching my computer do its own thing, I decided that I wanted to take back my computer. I uninstalled Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus and reinstalled Avast Internet Security. My computer is now fast again. Avast Internet Security doesn't get as good a review as Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus, but I get to use my computer. By the way, my computer is Win 7, with a fast Intel processor, 8GB RAM, and a high-power graphics board, so it is fast, without Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus.