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  • RVTJess - BEST Facial Serum for Under $30!

    I am in my late 20's and a big fan of "preventative" care. After doing a lot of research of different skin care/serum products, I was always taken aback by the really high price tags for a tiny amount of the "good stuff" until I came across an article that mentioned "best facial serums for under $30". This one was the highest rated among the list.

  • Caron J Brown - Just what I needed.

    If anyone is new to quickbooks, as I was this was the perfect book to help you out. You learn so many things about the

  • Steve Cote - tan sunless

    did some on line research and found this product for my girlfriend... got it directly on line from tan physics website... bought 5 bottles and 1 tanextender for $ 20 a bottle... no tax or shipping... she loves it... we were spending $14 a week on 2 bottles of banana boat at walmart ...it was the best of the cheap ones but it was orange ...smelled and made her skin dry ... and it was $56 a month ... the 5 bottles of tan physics has lasted almost 3 months... looks natural... smells good and makes her skin soft as silk... and the tan extender is nice...total cost $120 fo 3 months... the banana boat cost was $168 for 3 months and we got a way better product... and a tan extender... amazon is charging way more for it thru 3rd party sellers... go to thetan physics website and start your order and then back out or dont complete and they offer u free shipping and discounts... good luck !

  • Dean Lutz - Bluetooth Wireless Earphones/Pods that don't compromise quality for price!

    These wireless earphone arrived fully charged. The wireless earphones came with 2 Earbuds, USB charger (No Power Source), Black Carry Pouch (Cloth) and Replacement Ear Inserts. The earphones easily paired with my Daughter's Apple IPhone 6 and my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in less than a Minute. The quality of the Audio really surprised me, it is very clear and has Crip High tones and a excellent Low Bass response. I am very pleased with the look and performance of these Bluetooth Wireless Earphones/Pods they didn't compromise quality for price worth this product. I would recommend this product if your in three market for some Bluetooth Wireless Earphones/Pods☆Not these can be used together as a pair in Stereo or each as an individual single Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Pod apart from each other

  • smatt - The mirror is large and easy to attach

    The mirror is large and easy to attach. Works well. Turn the mirror so the straps attach going in different directions around the headrest, one vertical and one horizontal. I think this is the best way to keep it from moving. Good quality product, thick straps. Good price too!

  • Amazon Customer - Love the lotion, hate the pump!

    The lotion works great for my daughter's eczema, but the pumps on these bottles NEVER work and it is a real pain. Having an 8 year-old messing around trying to get lotion out of a bottle is not a good thing.