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    This download put a virus ON my computer and I had to pay someone to take it off!!! Microsoft offers a free virus removal tool and my I.T. person told me that it is the best on the market. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

  • Steve - Great product, saved me from buying a new radiator, at least so far

    This radiator stop leak worked great on my Volvo when added through a side tank, took about 22 minutes to seal the leak, was a fairly small leak but worked great. Was having to add water every three days. Haven't added water now in about two months since using this product. Love it.

  • Dan H - good cheap expendable tools, great value

    quality isn't stellar, but for the price its not bad, i use these as my loaner tools @ work so no-one touches my snap on tools!

  • M. Forstrom - Used for Lit

    This gave me the experience and confidence I needed to walk in and get a 76/80 on the lit test. Well, I could have done so without it, but this is definitely a good resource for those who want to grab some units from CLEP. I also took the Social Sciences practice test and definitely could have passed that and would have had I not already gotten those credits from AP US History. The only weakness is the language bit. The Spanish practice test did not inform me that I would be able to test out of 3 Spanish classes (by one point), which luckily I did. Of course, that's because the oral part is missing from this book, which is unavoidable but a big limitation.

  • C. Roy - Great buy!

    It works really well! It also has a few attachments with it. It cleaned the bottom of our pool really well.