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Сайт ООО "Рефтермо Транс" - Перевозки автомобилями рефрижераторами по территории Беларуси.

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  • Shirley G - She Passed

    I bought this for my granddaughter to study before her boards. She passed and is now a LPN. We both thought the book was great and it helped to understand how the adaptive test works.

  • Moni The Reviewer - Most cases come in plastic type of packaging but this one came in a very nice, sleek box so you can tell which phone ...

    I received the iPhone 7 Plus Case, Spigen [Hybrid Armor] AIR CUSHION [Gunmetal] Clear TPU / PC Frame Slim Dual Layer Premium Case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus - (043CS20697). This case is exactly what it says on the amazon website that it was going to be. I was surprised by the packaging it came in. Most cases come in plastic type of packaging but this one came in a very nice, sleek box so you can tell which phone case it is. The case itself fit my phone very snug. I was still able to fit my charger into the port with the case still on. It fits perfect into my pants pocket so I do not have to worry about the case making it too bulky to fit. It is a very durable case and I would highly recommend this case to anyone looking for something simple yet "worth it". The thickness is just right, not too thin and not too thick. I feel that if my phone ever drops, that this case will do a wonderful job of protecting it. The case is very lightweight and the exact kind of fit it says it will be. I love plain or clear color cases, because it gives me an opportunity to decorate it how I want. How many times have you seen a product that looked amazing in the online photos, but then you get it and it's garbage? Well, when I opened this, I actually liked it even more than what I did by just seeing the photos. The color on the website and the color in real life are an exact match. They are not thrown off, so this is a big plus for me! I would highly recommend this case!

  • martilton - I needed a good weight loss shake that was going to keep me ...

    I needed a good weight loss shake that was going to keep me satisfied. I decided to try this and really like it. I like the sweet cream shake but do not like the flavor packets. I use pbfit or sugar free instant pudding as my flavoring.The flavor packs taste to processed for me. I recommend this product.

  • Stacie - IT WORKS... IF it works

    I got the I-light Pro for Christmas and thought I would try it out on my bikini line. I chose to only do one side so I could see the difference. I used it two times (maybe 10 pulses each time) and a week or so after the second treatment I could really tell a difference. It did hurt somewhat during the process, but they describe it correctly as a feeling of a rubberband popping against your skin. Just depends on the sensitivity of your skin, but it was bearable.