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Shan Sutherland - Shan Sutherland is a Senior Art Director and Creative Director of Advertising in Sydney Australia. Have a look at the award winning work she has done for her clients. Strategic thinker, problem solver, conjurer and dancer.

  • http://shan-sutherland.squarespace.com/new-gallery-1/ Give a lunch for Christmas, Salvos — Shan Sutherland - The Salvos Give a Lunch for Christmas campaign used an integrated media approach, with a heavy online and social media focus. The campaign encouraged people to take photos of their lunch and share them with friends through their online social networks, with a message about donating.Awards -  ADMA, The Davey Awards, AIMIA, Webby Awards and was named YouTube World Charity video of the monthMy role: Strategy, Concept, Creative Direction.
  • http://shan-sutherland.squarespace.com/folio/ Joint Guard — Shan Sutherland - A total rebrand for Joint Guard getting the old dog back on its feet. Awards: The Global AwardsMy role:  Concept, Creative Direction, Design.
  • http://shan-sutherland.squarespace.com/new-gallery/ Sony Handy Cam — Shan Sutherland - Print, out of home and in-store campaign to show you don't have to be Spielberg to pick up a Sony Handycam and shoot something great. My role: Strategy, Concept, Art Direction, Headline.Copy:Not every movie needs to be a major production. The razzle dazzle of life can be a drama to catch.  But not with the DVD-Flash Handycam from Sony.  Just shoot your footage straight to flash memory stick, then play back instantly on-screen and choose what you want to burn.  Or if you prefer, just shot direct to DVD. It really is that simple. 
  • http://shan-sutherland.squarespace.com/zoely/ Zoely Case study — Shan Sutherland - Choosing the right pill for you.Not all pills are the same. Contraceptive pills can include different blends of synthetic hormones, and generally young women are unaware of what they contain. Zoely is a pill that mimics the bodies own natural hormones.We created these highly engaging banners and website both for online and mobile where young women could, live in banner, give a girl a spray tan or apply make up (both turned out very unnatural looking).  Highlighting the proposition that you should choose something that is right for you.More than 600,000 users interacted with the online campaignOver 50,000 new visitors to the website276% growth in sales for the first 15 weeks in marketAwards: Davey Awards, The Prime Awards, The Global Awards and the Webbys  
  • http://shan-sutherland.squarespace.com/unifem-white-ribbon/ Unifem, White ribbon — Shan Sutherland - White Ribbon Day Problem: Men are hesitant to speak out about violence against women to their peers.Insight: By ignoring the problem men can inadvertently condone the perpetrators behaviourSolution: Confronting ads that say it straight. Challenging men to speak up to other men about their behaviour and attitudes.AWARDS - Winners at AWARD award & ATV, Finalists at Cannes, Clio, and Caxtons x3
  • http://shan-sutherland.squarespace.com/biomedx/ BioMedx — Shan Sutherland - Launch of a phenomenally innovative new company that’s taking fertility medicine to a whole new level. Name, logo, strategy, branding, mega conferences, the lot. 
  • http://shan-sutherland.squarespace.com/new-gallery-5/ Speedo Kid Locator — Shan Sutherland - With a in built location chip, if they are wearing their Speedos you'll always be able to find them at the beach.
  • http://shan-sutherland.squarespace.com/innovations/ Mobile sites and apps — Shan Sutherland - These are some Apps that I have concepted and designed.1. Be the store DJ. Ben Sherman.2. Earn discounts off your friends votes. Ben Sherman3. Ultimate summer app for Speedo - Location finder built into your child's swimmers.4, 5. CFO Amex site  
  • http://shan-sutherland.squarespace.com/waterscapes/ Web Design — Shan Sutherland - From full retail sites - Birch and Waite -  to specialist landing pages designed for a seamless customer journey.  
  • http://shan-sutherland.squarespace.com/new-gallery-3/ Olmetec Ipad Ad — Shan Sutherland - As the user goes to swipe through the page they inadvertently activate the ad, demonstrating Olmetecs - a blood pressure medication - potency.   

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  • Adam K - Increased supply

    These prenatal vitamins with lactation support have improved my almost sinking lactation. I have gained 2 more ounces per breast since I started these and I see that it is slowly going up. I love and can trust that they are an herbal blend. No bad taste in mouth and just two small vitamins per day does the trick. I received this product at no cost for my unbiased honest product review. All opinions are my own and I have not and will not in any way receive any sort of compensation. If by chance you found my review helpful to you please click on the yes. Thank you so much!

  • cbluver67 - Worth a Try!

    I recently put a texturizer in my hair because it was just too course and curly to maintain. My edges never laid down no matter how much edge control or gel I put on them or if i wrapped it at night, but after the texturizer, even though it now laid down with no issues I noticed it was dry and felt like it was breaking off, yet another problem to deal with. So I went to the beauty supply store in search for some damage control product or moisturizer. I found baby don't be bald and decided to try it out. I put it on once a day and after day two I noticed my fullness coming back and even my edged filling back in. It is a tad greasy but the results are nice so far. I'm excited to see how far my hair will go with this product its def worth a try! And inexpensive!

  • Jessica Blanchard - I loved it. The only thing that I noticed is ...

    I loved it. The only thing that I noticed is that Nightmare by Set It Off isn't actually on the CD. The song that is in its place is Kill The Lights by Set It Off. Besides that it is amazing.