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  • Rosa Stroup - Effective Product

    I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to regulate his/her system. I happen to take one a day, as I want to regulate my system and some what clean it out thoroughly. It's gentle. The capsule seems to breakdown in my system quickly. Once again, it works.

  • NV Product Reviews - Works!

    I have very fine, wavy/curly hair and I love this brush! I wash my hair and spray some leave in conditioner in it and let it air dry completely. I detangle my hair and I only have to put the temperature up to 340 degrees Fahrenheit. Within seconds the brush is ready and I section my hair and begin brushing... After about 3 times that each section is complete! What I love the most is the volume it allows my hair to have. Rather than just laying flat it doesn't get too close to your scalp to burn it so it is also keeping your roots lifted.

  • Dane - Stops Leaks - Doesn't Stop Sounds!

    This product claims to stop leaks and stop "squeals". In my experience, this product did indeed stop LEAKS, but the squealing was only VERY SLIGHTLY diminished. I have a dry steering rack, which it claims to also help with, however there were still sounds coming from that after using this product. If you need a great product to stop LEAKS, get this, but if you're looking for the sound to stop too, try another product I would say.

  • angel soto - I first met him when he was about 3 months old at a friends house and instantly fell in love with the little guy

    My 9 month old Boston terrier was the most energetic, friendly, loving pup I've ever met. I first met him when he was about 3 months old at a friends house and instantly fell in love with the little guy. 3 months later my friend passed Piggie on to me for personal reasons. My neighborhood is crawling with stray cats and its not the tidiest place in Philly so i bought this collar to keep Piggie protected when we go for walks, which is often because of his high levels of energy. Now, he's laying on the couch curled up in a ball vomiting every 15 - 30 minutes as i wait for my ride to the emergency vet. FUCK YOU HARTZ..

  • Applebyacres - It was ok

    Some people find it works like a charm. I wasn't impressed. Neither was my husband. Took it as directed.

  • sunk - Excellent. Well written and organized

    Excellent. Well written and organized. Great even you are beginner and really helpful if you have some experience in Access