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  • Jwoz - I was shocked at how well this product works. ...

    I was shocked at how well this product works. I really didn't expect the product to work well, so I was pleasantly surprised. I use this product roughly one a week and it removes all of the dead skin cells from my face, leaving it feeling very fresh and smooth. It is not harsh on the skin at all. You only need a small amount for each use so each container will last roughly 6 months.

  • nixter - I am sorry how much does it cost???

    Holy cow... I come from land of holy cow. Born and brought up there For 20 yrs and have used products which does similar things to this without breaking my bank. Go to any Indian groceries store and ask for "hair oil" all of them have natural Ayurvedic items in them and they cost less then 10$ dabar amala hair oil and mahabhrungraj oil are best in my opinion and will help with hair growth ans scalp rejuvination. I still use them once a week and works like a charm. Ihavent used this product hell don't have mulas for that but it's substitute works wonders I am not saying no to this product you got money go for it

  • captainfluffybear - Awesome wallet phone case

    Awesome wallet phone case. It holds multiple cards while storing it safely. I was afraid that the magnet would let loose and my cards would fall out. But that never happens. I love this phone case. It's also great to use as a phone stand while watching videos.awesome idea.

  • luantdoan - Stay clear of Navien NR-240A period!

    I replaced my broken 50 gallons water heater with the tank less Navien NR-240A in 2011 based on recommendation from my plumping contractor and boy this was a big mistake ever. Below are the good and bad that I have with the unit:

  • Ian C - These liners are so awesome! I havent even used them yet but removing ...

    These liners are so awesome! I havent even used them yet but removing the stock carpets and fitting these I know they will provide many years of service. They fit perfectly and very easily...almost like they were designed specifically for my make and model. I only had to move my front seats forward and back for ease of installation. Expensive but worthwhile investment!

  • sally - I've faithfully enjoyed SleepyTime for at least 15 years

    I've faithfully enjoyed SleepyTime for at least 15 years. In recent years have been making it by the pitcher-full (9 tea bags) in my West Bend ice tea maker (available on Amazon). Instead of wine, I have a glass of this relaxing ice tea with my meals. Much healthier! Just run a cup of it thru the microwave if I want some at bedtime.