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  • Ernest Taylor Green - The first were great; the second and third pair 'disassembled' within the ...

    I`ve owned 3 pairs of these gloves. The first were great; the second and third pair 'disassembled' within the first few uses. i thought I had had bad luck with the 2nd pair and bought a 3rd. The 3rd pair disassembled at the velcro joint (became unglued) just as the 2nd pair had done. These are not cheap gloves and it angers me that they fail right after the return period with AMAZON expires. I am disappointed that FOX has gotten cheap on their production practices: To save on sewing, they are gluing the velcro onto the gloves with cheap adhesives. I am now stuck with two defective gloves that can not be adjusted.

  • R. Rhodes - Check the BBB, there's a long list of issues and complaints.

    Do not fall for this product line. I email requested terminating my account 3 times before I finally called the company (and usually the vm is full) and spoke to someone who stopped the orders four months ago...and today I started receiving it again! Send for the free sample and you're stuck for an automatic refill AND AUTOMATIC CREDIT CHARGE whether you like it or not. The product itself is only just OK, I got just as good of results from drug-store products and a lower cost than 189.00!

  • JPX925 - easy peasy

    I have never prepared my own taxes before. Had a trusted preparer for 8 years (loved her dearly!) and when she retired, went to her son for the past 11 years. Had been using a tax preparer all these years for ease and convenience but over the past 3 years, communication responses from him started to lag significantly. Finally decided to prepare my tax returns by myself this year. Got this TaxACT Ultimate Bundle and doing it was such a breeze, plus I saved a lot from paying tax preparer's fee. I compared it with copies of my previous recent years' returns and everything matched and added up (except for the exact numbers, of course) so I knew I was doing things right. State e-filing is included and free, Federal e-filing is free for first time users then $9.99 for the subsequent years. Very happy with the TaxACT Ultimate Bundle software and I will use them again next year.

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