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  • Brittany - Honestly I don't see what everybody else is talking about ...

    Honestly I don't see what everybody else is talking about.. Unless you use a primer and a base.. It will crease and leave a streak in your eye crease. I can use a cheaper shadow primer and get the same effect! PLEASE I do makeup every single day! I thought I would check this out, but don't see what all the buzz is about.

  • RWebs - Another Solid Game

    Overall, a pretty great game. It will make you get off the couch and burn some calories! I do wish there were a bigger song selection, but with the 2015 edition, it's a nice addition to my collection.

  • Fleeflee - Works but the increase in PRICE is CRAZY!!!!!

    Is the manufacter serious about this price. I have been using this product for 6 months and yes it does work. I have notice a difference but the increase in price to $99 is CRAZY!!!!Who do they think is going to buy this pills. I will not be pruchasing these pills again unless the price goes down. The last time I purchased these pills I paid $45. So the price have went to $99. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!Get a GRIP!!!!The prices have change for the last 6 months since I have been using them but I start paying from $45 to $55..I am going to research the ingredents to find a product much cheaper that will produce the same results. The manufactuer have lost a CUSTOMER with this

  • B. Venanzio - A lot better than I expected

    I have naturally medium brown hair, but I've been dying it dark brown/black for at least a year now. This week I noticed that my roots were starting to come in, but I was getting tired of black hair, so I decided to go red. In order to do this I had to strip out all of the black hair dye build up. I wasn't sure if this would work, but I figured I'd try it since it got good reviews. It smelled like rotten eggs [there's some kind of sulfate in it], but my hair is back to a color I haven't seen since high school. There's no damage to speak of, my hair feels like it always does. I definitely recommend it, even if you've had dye in your hair for a really long time like I did.

  • TPurdon - with fine thick hair) feel amazing and look amazing

    This product makes my hair and curls (beachy waves naturally, with fine thick hair) feel amazing and look amazing. However, you have to use 5-6 pumps to feel like you actually got your hair clean. I do have a LOT of hair, but that seems really excessive. I am sure that if it created suds, I'd feel like less pumps cleaned better, so it might just take some getting used to. I can say though, I switched from using John Frieda frizz ease to this, and my hair is like night and day better. Such a dramatic change! LOVE it.

  • Francesca - Very comfortable, I've only had the chance to exercise in ...

    Very comfortable, I've only had the chance to exercise in these a few times now, but my feet can't complain! They actually make me feel like i can run faster than i could in my old Nikes, so keep that in mind while purchasing. Super light and they look very stylish