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The Wellness Way ClinicsThe Wellness Way | We don't guess…we test! - The Wellness Way Clinics are spread throughout the US focusing on healing and restoring the body to it's natural function - improving quality of life.

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  • Juanita M Goddard - High Frequency Machine

    The machine arrived on a timely bases. I have been using it daily and am beginning to see a little peach fuzz hair along my hair line. The machine is easy to use and I am hoping to see good results soon.


    I don't believe this product is an authentic product produced by Philosophy...or perhaps it had somehow been altered/diluted/mixed with other chemicals to decrease production cost. Will be purchasing from legit carriers of the Philosophy brand in the future - where I can guarantee I'm getting exactly what I paid for.

  • Stefan - Fun Game, Especially for Multiplayer

    Haven't had any issues with the game so far. Purchased because I wanted to play as Bosnia, since they're not featured in FIFA 14. Captain Your Country is fun, and the other modes are pretty much exactly what you would expect.

  • Mitch10 - best Timbuk2 yet

    Pockets, pockets pockets! I had the previous version of the Commander from Timbuk2 and loved it for the way I could organize my stuff that I take to and from the office. This one is even better. Besides lots of great pockets (sorry to repeat) that can be used for pens, computer cards, meds, money, electronics etc. the computer section is much easier to access and the buckles on the compression straps are way nicer than the Velcro on it's predecessor. There's even the addition of the water bottle holder. Despite all the endless stuff I can stuff into it, it's still comfortable and convenient to take everywhere.

  • NicoBlue21 - Effective but not perfume

    This keeps my son's hair from getting flaky as he has had an issue with that when he doesn't use medicated shampoo. The smell is less than pleasing, but it works well enough to look past that.

  • N. Grossmann - Fantastic build quality!

    This cable has been perfect for my use. The measurements advertised are accurate. I am using it between my gaming computer and 4k tv. It handles it at 60Hz just fine. I was and still am really impressed with the build quality of this cable. I am used to dealing with HDMI cables, but this is by far the sturdiest I have come across. Don't expect to be able to turn this cable 180 degrees without a bit of space. The plug itself is very nice and heavy duty, more so than I am used to seeing. I will note that as a result of the build quality, this cable is larger in diameter than I am used to seeing. It is also a bit stiffer which is why I say that you will need a bit of space to make corners of 180 turns with it. I have it running around the periphery of my room so I don't have any issues in this regards, but if your entertainment center has some tight spots it could be problematic. If your tv has a jack coming straight out the back towards the wall instead of to the side, it could also be a problem depending on how close to the wall your tv is mounted. The signal quality seems good and I have never had issues with it in the 6 months I have owned it.This is definitely a 5-star product at a fantastic price point.