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  • cs211 - A decent vintage

    If I only had room to pack one 2013 volume of short stories for a trip, I would be hard pressed to choose between the Best American Short Stories and the O. Henry Prize Stories anthologies. Although both purport to select the best twenty short stories published within a given year, there is not a single short story that appears in both volumes, thereby demonstrating the inherent subjectivity involved in selecting the best works of art. Additionally, each anthology included a different selection from esteemed short story author Alice Munro, so there was not even concurrence about which was Munro’s best story of the year. But in the end it doesn’t matter which of these two anthologies you select, as they are equally good. If you have room in your luggage, bring both.

  • Michael Salus - battery drill

    Not much to say except it does the work I ask it, battery life is about normal..I would buy it again

  • Lisandro Grullon - Excellent Book/Reference

    I had the opportunity to get this book through my University. The book is very detail oriented and many of the chapters are easy to understand and follow, yet the author in some instances assumes basic knowledge of Windows server 2003/2008 as prior experience in some of the advance concepts. I am very happy with the book and I would recommend to any system administrator that would like to focus in learning the operating system from the ground up or contemplating the idea of getting certify in Windows server 2012. I was skeptical at first since the book has so many pages (1600+), but it is well worth the time to evaluate books authored by Dr. Rand Morimoto, he is an excellent writer and subject expert, he and his team provide a lot of insight from his own experience into the subject matter. Any beginner, intermediate or advance windows system administrator would benefit from reading this book, I would call it the "Bible of Windows Server 2012" instead of "Windows Server 2012 Unleashed".

  • Aunt Patty Cakes - Long Time Watkins Menthol User

    We use Watkins Menthol throughout the year. It helps not only during the cold and flu season, but also during allergy season. Great on stiff muscles and joints. Also helps with dry hands and cracked feet. A must have for our medicine cabinet.

  • David Majetich - Horrible ratings on

    Do not buy this product. It does a mediocre job of security, and it is VERY difficult to uninstall it if you decide to cancel after your subscription. After I attempted to uninstall, the company forces you to explain by two surveys why you are not going to renew. Then it installs another program on your Home Screen which is even more difficult to remove. There are too many legitimate security programs out there. Stay away from this one! Horrible ratings on BBB

  • Will O'Neal - good fit

    Easy to install and do not lose much space than before the safe was installed. Instructions are easy to follow.

  • Tre' Stephens - Awesome and Highly Recommended.

    Has my computer clean and running beautifully. Just the product I was looking for. Highly recommended for a cleaning and performance product.