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    City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Alejandro - I would get another Tommaso

    Bike comes partially assembled and ready to use, the design of the bike is really good and everyone likes it, it looks like an expensive bike. It shipped really fast and it was well protected.

  • Gayle Wright - Dont use this product!

    This product came almost dried up. Tried to use it be heating it between my fingers. Terrible product. Have used other products by them in the past and NEVER had this problem Would not use this again.

  • William Stokes - Least expensive way to get Total Protection-I buy here every year!

    This is the least expensive way to get Total Protection...you will get ticklers direct from Mcafee to renew(at full retail price), but creat an account with Mcafee, but this and simply enter the particulars off the included card/documentation and get the same level of coverage for around 1/3 the retail price! Same coverage, less financial impact...buy this and take your beautiful wife out for lunch!

  • Beagles - Good buy

    Good product. Exciting race to watch when training indoors. DVDs do have a couple of bad spots where the video gets froze up like it is scratched but it does recover and play again.

  • Green Machine - Noticeably whiter teeth in a few weeks and all natural ...

    Noticeably whiter teeth in a few weeks and all natural. I definitely prefer this to the chemical strips. Just takes double the time to brush your teeth since I brush with this first then brush with regular toothpaste. Will continue to use this every couple of days so my teeth remain whiter.

  • Joan Diamond - Lost a potential customer

    I was looking to purchase PS. I wouldn't even mind paying a hefty upfront cost for great software but I will not get sucked in to this mess.