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Acne.org - Acne Community & Acne Treatment Store - Acne.org - The largest online Acne Community. Get the latest information on Acne and Acne Treatments, Expert Advice & Acne Product Reviews to help you get completely clear skin.

  • http://www.acne.org/personalized-advice.php Free Personalized Advice - Instant Advice for Acne from Acne.org - Take 5 minutes to answer the questions in this quiz and you will receive instant personalized advice on how to clear up your particular case of acne.
  • http://www.acne.org/whatisacne.html What is Acne? - Acne.org - Exactly what is acne? How is it formed? What are the different types? These questions are answered.
  • http://www.acne.org/causes-of-acne.html Causes of Acne - Acne.org - There are many potential causes of acne, including hormones, diet, vitamin deficiency, stress, evolutionary biology, and inflammation, amongst others. Science still does not know exactly, but some possibilities are explored.
  • http://www.acne.org/myths.html Acne Myths - Acne.org - Myths abound when it comes to acne. This page dispells all of the major myths and presents the facts.
  • http://www.acne.org/pop.html How to Pop a Pimple - Instructions from Acne.org - It's OK to pop a pimple that is ready. Just make sure to do it correctly to increase chances of healing and decrease chances of scarring.
  • http://www.acne.org/regimen.html The Acne.org Regimen - Acne.org's proven system for completely clear skin. Step-by-step instructions included.
  • http://www.acne.org/regimen-success.html The Acne.org Regimen Success Stories - 100% unsponsored success stories sent in from around the world from people using The Acne.org Regimen. Once you are clear, send in your story too!
  • http://www.acne.org/regimen-help.html The Acne.org Regimen Help Page - Complete help for almost any question on The Acne.org Regimen. A full FAQ is included as well as a questionnaire and list of biggest mistakes.
  • http://www.acne.org/treatments.html Treatments Options for Acne - Acne.org - Despite the numerous acne treatment options, only a few are effective. Get the facts and choose a treatment that will clear you up completely.
  • http://www.acne.org/prescription-medications.html Prescription Medications for Acne - Acne.org - A list of all of the prescription medications for acne, including what each of them is, what they do, and considerations before taking them. Reviews are also presented.
  • http://www.acne.org/over-the-counter.html Over-the-Counter Treatments for Acne - Acne.org - Alpha hydroxy acid (glycolic acid), benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol, salycylic acid, and sulfur. What they are, what they do, and considerations of using each are considered. Reviews.
  • http://www.acne.org/photodynamic-therapy-pdt.html Does Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Work for Acne? Levulan (ALA) or MAL + Red and/or Blue Light - Information on how photodynamic therapy (PDT) is performed for acne, which type of light is best, and which photosensitizer is best. Side effects and what kind of results you can expect are considered.
  • http://www.acne.org/chemical-peels.html Do Chemical Peels Work to Clear Acne? - Acne.org - What exactly are chemical peels and how do they work for acne? What are the side effects? Do they really work? Info & Reviews.
  • http://www.acne.org/laser-therapy.html Do Lasers Work to Clear Acne? - Acne.org - How laser therapy treatment for acne works, results you can expect, side effects, and reviews.
  • http://www.acne.org/light-therapy.html Do Blue and Red Light Devices Work to Clear Acne? - Acne.org - Do light therapy devices which use blue and/or red light actually work to clear up acne? A look at the research, how light devices work, side effects & reviews.
  • http://www.acne.org/heat-therapy.html Zeno, Thermaclear - Does Heat Therapy for Acne Work? - Acne.org - Heat therapy does little to clear pimples and has scant research to back it up. It can also be expensive. Get the real story here.
  • http://www.acne.org/cortisone-shots.html Cortisone Shots for Severe Acne - Nodules and Cysts - Acne.org - Cortisone shots can drastically and immediately reduce inflammation in severe acne lesions. Info on what they are, side effects, and where to get one are explored.
  • http://www.acne.org/the-ziit-method.html The ZIIT Method - Acne Spot Treatment from Acne.org - A kitchen sink approach to acne spot treatment. Zinc + Ibuprofen + Ice + Treat. If you want to do absolutely everything you can to prevent a pimple from forming, follow this guide.
  • http://www.acne.org/acne-scar-treatment.html Acne Scar Treatments Guide - Acne.org - There are numerous acne scar treatments on the market. Read through this page to understand what type of scarring you have, available scar treatments for your skin's topography, and advice on finding the right doctor to perform your chosen procedure. Acne scar treatment reviews are also presented.
  • http://www.acne.org/comedogenic-list.html Comedogenic (Pore Clogging) Ingredient List - Acne.org - Avoid these ingredients if they are within the first 7 ingredients listed on your skin care product.

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  • L. Kinman - Sleepy

    I used Relacore for one week.....it didn't work the only thing it helped with was sleeping. The bottle says take one with each meal and I did by 3pm daily I was fighting to keep my eyes open. If you need help sleeping this is one too take. Also I put on 3 pounds.

  • Diane Martin - Lost its suction

    After 2 charges, the battery continues to run the sweeper but the suction is absent. I've cleaned it out thoroughly but still fails to suck up the dirt on a linoleum floor. Not happy, want to return it.