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City: 48.8763 Ostan-e Hamadan, Iran

  • Michael SanGiovanni - I would say I love this and give it five stars iff the clamp ...

    I would say I love this and give it five stars iff the clamp screw didn't come loose occasionally. (It is the screw that sets the clamp depth depending on the width of the wood. Setting it from 3/4 inch to 1½ inch takes a few turns and it does come loose. I usually find myself locking it with a pliers). I know the K5 has a self adjusting clamp. Almost everything else about this jig is excellent, and what I didn't like was fixed with the K5 (I should have read the reviews and bought it instead). Only other MINOR complaint: The adjusting pin on the K4 unscrews, you align the hole and screw it back in. If it were spring loaded, like on the K5, it would have been much better. Otherwise, if you have one of those mini jigs that you have to clamp on to each piece, get this instead, or better yet, the K5. It speeds up the workload tremendously, and I'm glad I bought it.

  • David Parker - Do your research, don't fall for this!

    I live in Memphis TN, and used to work for JuicePlus which is headquartered here. Rest assured it is a a scam! Just eat natural foods and save your money. Don't get sucked into the pyramid scheme.

  • kebowdog - but as someone who grew up with Archie comics I thought the new series was a well-done update and fun to get into

    Surprisingly enjoyable reboot of the Archie franchise. The new look and feel is kind of refreshing. I'm not sure how new readers will respond to it, but as someone who grew up with Archie comics I thought the new series was a well-done update and fun to get into.

  • JandT - Unparalleled CGI effects overcome predicable characters and storyline

    2012's special effects effect on me (if you'll pardon my awkward phrasing) was like a diabetic falling into a vat of pancake syrup -- in other words, a major sugary high followed by a sense of intense overdose. This film elevates the art of CGI to a whole 'nother level. No longer will the viewer be satisfied seeing a single spaceship (or whatever) blow up while the rest of the screen is comparatively benign. From now on, the entire screen should be filled with absolutely captivating CGI action. I found my eyeballs pivoting right and left, up and down ... trying to capture the whole experience: buildings and bridges collapsing ... cars and trains cartwheeling through the air ... monumental!

  • River - Phenomenal

    I read many informative books over the course of a year. Some books contain information that I find useful. Occasionally I come across a book that far exceeds my expectations. Zenith 2016 in indeed one of those books. I had difficulty putting this book down. I wanted to obtain as much information as I could receive and as quickly as possible. I often share my books with family and friends. This book will only be given out on loan. I am a Christian who has studied eschatology for years. Zenith 2016 accurately connects with the Bible, its' prophets, and is in conjunction with numerous Christian writings I have explored. I will use this book for reference as the end-of-days is approaching. I highly, and without hesitation, recommend Zenith 2016 as a must read for YOU!

  • Victoria I. Peterson - Awesome!

    I thought that this backpack was just great! I could't be more pleased! Plenty of pockets, nice color and design - exactly what I needed!