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  • Mark Behm - AMAZING STUFF!!!

    I have flexor tendonitis (trigger finger) in one of my thumbs and 3 fingers making it virtually impossible to write, remove lids from jars, or do anything with my hands as my fingers would lock painfully. I have had steroid injections which were only partially helpful especially since my hands are arthritic as well. Two other fingers were becoming painful and starting to lock, too and I was feeling pretty desperate as I had tried many other products that did not help! I had heard that vitamin B6 is extremely helpful for conditions of the hand but taking it orally gave me miserable headaches. After searching the internet, I discovered Penetrex and decided I had nothing to lose in trying it. Boy, am I glad I did! I began by applying it 3 to 4 times a day, working it in well on my entire hand but especially the painful tendon "bumps" and within about 2-1/2 weeks, the fingers that were starting the downward spiral towards becoming locked were pain-free and no longer "sticking". The fingers and the thumb that were only partially helped by steroid injections become much more fluid in motion and were no longer painful as well. This stuff is pretty impressive!! I am on my third jar and currently use Penetrex once daily right before bedtime and this is enough to keep my hands pain-free and in working order. However, I ran out once, one day before my new order arrived so I went one night without applying Penetrex. The next morning, I sure noticed the difference as my hands were stiff and very unhappy! So, do not run out!! This stuff is also very pleasant to apply as it is not greasy and has no odor whatsoever. I will be a lifelong customer as nothing else has helped my hands as much as Penetrex!

  • Amazon Customer - too many conflicts

    This has high security ratings but it interfered with other programs too much. Computer stopped functioning as well as it had before this was installed. I uninstalled it and now have no more conflicts.

  • St. Vaughn - A must have for Uppa baby strollers.

    My wife bought this and I love it. It keeps a phone, drink and wallet close by and easily accessible. There's a nice zippered pouch in the back for hiding things like a wallet at the park, and it can hold your keys and phone too. Definitely a must have for your stroller.

  • R. Lickman - Really works!

    I had a bacterial infection for over a year that refused to respond to antibiotics, lancing and poultices. I started talking a teaspoon a night and within a week the infection was completely GONE. No kidding. It doesn't taste so good, so plug your nose when taking it. I plug my nose, hold it closed and eat a small bit of local honey.

  • Thrifty Shopper - Bad Purchase

    My computer hard drive crashed 6 months after I bought this product,It was strange this company just sent me a number on a red piece of paper to set up the product,and an email address when I logged in it was in a foreign language ??? It worked fine up to that point.I set up the Microsoft account just like instructed..... I had to start using my wife's laptop and it would not work on her laptop.They sent me several new numbers to make it work .... but I never could get it to work and they quit corresponding with me.**** Bad Purchase !!!!! ***** I feel like I threw away $280 !! I went and purchased office 365 at a major store for less money and it works perfect and is good for ever.******** I wish I could get back the money I wasted !!! ******** I love Amazon and am sad this happened.

  • Mira V - Great product!

    This is a great product for whitening your teeth. I like this one a bit better than others cause you get an extra whitening gel in the pack you get from your order. The,"White N' Bright - Deluxe 3D At Home Teeth Whitening Kit ,from White N' Bright(TM)," would be better if it did come with more q tips for the 1-12 treatment s you will have from this kit. The pricing is a bit more but you get the extra gel in the kit , worth it! The kit includes the tray and the light and it makes the whole thing work. The tray is the toughest part in making it work right. Boil up some water and let it cool a little. You do not want it boiling hot or it will be crazy sticking those trays in your mouth when super hot. Get it right and make the teeth trays as best as you can cause this will give the shape and setting of your teeth and if you cut them down just right you will not have any irritation from the whitening gel. The reason is if you do it exactly it will just cover your teeth and not touch your gums. That is were it will burn from gel . do not over load the trays and you can even get extra treatments out of it if you are sparing with the kits. As a disclaimer i got this teeth product from the vendor at a discount for my fair and honest review of there product here on the Amazon Market Place. this is a buy if you are looking for a Whitening product.