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Attachment Disorder Maryland - providing information and treatment options. - Attachment Disorder treatment options made available to families and individuals in Maryland and beyond.

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  • Mary Anne - Most comfortable shoes I've bought in a while

    Awesome shoe, just one complaint: since the tongue is completely attached to the shoe, it's hard for someone with high arches to put on and take off. But it's totally worth it in my opinion. These shoes are so comfy and lightweight and easy to wear all day.

  • Cindy Gray - Great refreshing tool

    Great refreshing tool; easy to use. Having the CD enables you to always have the reference tool available without carrying the book. Have used on many occasions. Would order again for future Excel versions.

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  • Benj - Agile

    I didn't know what was agile product management until I got this book. But must I say it is quite the interesting topic. In addition to that the scrum and sprint reviews aspect of it. I loved this box set as I believe it works great together. The portion of the book that i loved the most was the 15 tips to demo and improve your product. This was a great read definitely recommended.

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    I love the lightly scent and deep clean feeling after washing my face of make up and just the day away with this facial cleansing formula. I like the moisture rich qualities that never leave any greasy or oily residue behind.

  • Lore - Worth It

    Are they a cure all? Nope. Do they live up to all the hype on their website? Nope. BUT - do they help? Yes. ESPECIALLY with abdominal pain. A few times I thought they may not be doing anything, and so stopped taking them, but it wasn't long before the abdominal pain was back with a vengeance. I do take these and Phillips Colon Health - this was after trying many different kinds - including Enzamatic Therapy pearls, Target's "compare to Align we're even better!" brand, Nature Made acidophilus, Natrol, etc. Using Align & PCH seems to work the best for me - everybody is so different, tho. I think the price is outrageous (not just at Amazon, just in general...) but I am willing to pay it to keep some of the pain of having IBS at bay!