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  • Patricia Of Northern CA - So Far It's a Winner

    I'm always trying to find that "perfect" glue for all my broken items. This stuff works well and seems to hang in there, even when outside and exposed to the sun. I've repaired several items and, so far, the glue is working. One thing of note, is it expands while drying, and I mean really expands, so that it oozes out and down an item you're gluing, so you need to be aware of that. I glued a bird feeder that had fallen apart and was able to break off the oozed stuff fairly easily after it dried, since it was stuck to plastic. I'm hoping this will become my "go-to" glue in the future.

  • Christina Crumsey - They are fun to do and I enjoyed doing this with him ...

    Got these to go with the cordnating book for my nephew. It came with 10 stickers on top of what the book already came with. They are fun to do and I enjoyed doing this with him and he really liked doing them. They are easy to match and read. It's fun and somewhat educational.

  • Nicole J. Del Buono - Expensive vitamins

    I am your classic yo yo dieter. I tried this Advocare because I figure if I spent over $200 on a product, I would stick to it and make it work. I am on day 18. I was not impressed with the booklet that accompanied the product. It seemed very simple, plain and written by a high school student. There were no real eating guidelines. It mentioned having lean proteins like chicken and fish, vegetables and complex carbs. There were no recipes and or daily sample guides of what to eat.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    loving the new Fiona!! About time she took care of that one Gallagher that matters the most-herself!!

  • Tong Po - Did not work for me.

    I had a small leak in my radiator so I tried this product. It seemed to reduce, but not stop the leak for a day or two, but then the leak got much worse so I had to take my car to the shop to get the radiator replaced. The mechanic was not too happy that this stuff came out with the coolant.

  • Katie Robinson - Awesome Seller!

    Perfect as described! Will buy from again. Item was exactly what I was looking for and fit my needs as expected.