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    Don't make another trade until you've read these letters. Next time you're tempted to make an emotional trade think about what Warren would tell you to do.

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    Really nice, heavier weight, well made trucks. Very vivid bright lights, the sounds are unfortunately at an impressive volume lol. The tractor moves. Wonderful trucks-already planning on adding to my sons collection this Christmas!!

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    I've purchased two ASUS RT-AC87U Wireless-AC2400 Dual Band Gigabit Routers from Amazon and both of them with the latest firmware update still have the same issue they had when I purchased both of them in the beginning of September.

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    When we moved, our cat decided to freak out and pee on EVERYTHING. WE purchased two of these and within a few days, the peeing stopped! I'm very happy with this purchase and recommend it to anyone who is experiencing this problem.

  • Teresa L T - Great Product - Great Price - awful Instructions

    Just to level set I am one of those people that loves to assemble things. I actually think it is fun to assemble furniture from Ikea. (might note i am female late 40's) That said....this product was no fun to assemble. However - once i did figure it out, it installed fairly easily and it seems to be a good product for a very good price that will absolutely serve the purpose. I just wish the mfg or distributor would take a couple of hours and fix their instructions.