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  • Maria - ... give OGX Conditioner-Sea Mineral moisturizer 1 star for its nice smell. Very disappointed with this purchase

    I give OGX Conditioner-Sea Mineral moisturizer 1 star for its nice smell. Very disappointed with this purchase...I needed a good conditioner and I spent $6.00 on this conditioner thinking it would really help. I might as well not even used a conditioner...when I go to brush my hair after showering I have nothing but knots and my brush keeps getting stuck in my hair! I will never ever buy their line of products ever again!!!!

  • Samantha - Excellent product that does what it says without pain

    Absolutely love this stuff! Bought it in Las Vegas. I struggle with acne as an adult. My face is oily but I feel this stuff calms my skin and feels less oily, maybe because it gets the dry outter layer that clogs my pores. Then I use the creams afterwards and my skin feels the best it ever has. These products have given me the best results out of anything I have ever used and I've used a bunch of stuff. Getting married in November 2016 so this is an essential to my skincare regimen from now on.

  • Ali Qsim AlLawati - it fits fine, but it is not tough rubber

    it fits fine, but it is not tough rubber, it is soft plastic. a bit overpriced for quality. looking good though

  • STUNALEY - Works wonders on sore muscle and smell good

    What a fantastic product from Baebody! I tried this item due to its duel benefits and have really enjoyed the sensation it gives me in relaxing my muscles. The other benefit is how it attack fat and helps to reduce cellulite deposits on your body. It has a pleasant scent and is very light and absorbent when applied to your skin. The primary reason I wanted to try this product is for its muscle relaxation capability which comes from the Juniper, Sweet Basil, Rosemary and Cinnamon Oil and other ingredients which quickly penetrate sore muscles and brings amazing relief. As a runner, I love the nearly instantaneous relief this product provides to my sore, tired muscles. This product heats up the muscles and leaves them feeling rejuvenated after. A secondary benefit is provided by the all-natural ingredients including Juniper and Sweet Basil helps to improve blood flow and aids in fat loss. A third benefit of this product comes from the assistance of Rosemary and Cinnamon Oil which work to tighten and firm the skin. Additionally, this product provides my skin with a boost of nutrients, antioxidants, and Vitamins A and C. Aloe Extract, leaving the skin hydrated and looking great.

  • Billy J. - The Cloud's Ultrabook

    I am a desktop, notebook, netbook, tablet, and smartphone user. My tablet's accelerometer and gyroscope were getting frustratingly slow, my netbook was always slow, and I wanted something with a larger screen and attached keyboard; even though I have a Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet. Since I am a proficient typist, I tried out the Samsung and the other company's $199 version and was very impressed with the Samsung's keyboard and over-all performance of the computer. So here are my PROS and CONS:

  • Frances I. Sanclemente - This cream is amazing!

    The arthritis in my hip had almost crippled me. I bought a cane 2 weeks ago. After 6-8 weeks of gradually losing mobility, I was desperate for some sort of relief. I've tried ibuprofen, glucosomine pills and liquid, you name it. I was to the point where getting in and out of a car where a near impossibility and climbing my stairs was almost out of the question. I was afraid walking would be a thing of the past. I mentioned something about arthritis creams and patches to a friend who went to the nearest drug store for my first jar of Australian Dream Cream. This was on a Saturday. Within 4 days, climbing the stairs was no problem, my limp was completely gone. After a week, no limp at all. Occurrence of pain down about 90%. After two weeks, the whole 8 weeks episode is just a bad memory. I still use the cream once every other day, just for safe measure. I've recommended it to several friends as well as my 83 old mother, all have the same results. This is the stuff miracles are made from!