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European Association for Cancer Education (EACE) Annual Scientific Meeting - improve clinical outcomes through the education and training of individuals involved within the cancer and palliative care continuum and to facilitate communication and networking between those involved in cancer education

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  • Thomas W. Wilson - Great Product

    Replaced the OEM deck protector that didn't cover the edge. This is much better and nicer looking than the factory equipment.

  • Joseph J. Slevin - Essential Job Search Book

    Bolle's book is still timeless for job seekers of all kinds. I feel that his book updated each year to meet the current trends in society is critical. He needs to address those issues, like the web, downturn in the economy and the like.

  • Jonathan H Lynch - Rick Steves' is so Helpful & Practical!

    We got the Rick Steves' Italy 2013 book, and it really helps with trip planning! He includes so many helpful tips that it is worth the price alone just for those - such as how to avoid the lines at many of the sights, how to save money, what sights are worth seeing, etc. He also includes a lot of practical information such as how to use your cell phone internationally, how to ride the Italian trains and buses, what the typical store hours are and much more. I like the fact that Rick believes you don't have to spend a huge amount of money to have a great time in Europe, and that he emphasizes going with the flow and interacting with the culture you are visiting!

  • voomba - Pay close attention to negative reviews before buying.

    Let me begin by acknowledging that their material has been more or less helpful. I bought the full package for the science and reading sections, and used the entirety of their material. I'd recommend you consider the following before you commit to Crack the DAT's product(s):

  • Maggie - Surface rust had me skeptical, but still going after years, with no problems

    2015 UPDATE: I'm keeping what I wrote below, as a record, but changed the rating from a 1. But the fact is, the rust did not spread and has been contained with simple icecube maintenance. And they offered a replacement, which I have not needed. It's an old model, it's not too quiet, and I Don't use it often, but it's still going strong, with no leaks.

  • MinAust - Kaspersky Anti Virus 2014

    Let me start out by pointing out that I'm a gray-haired retiree who was a computer professional his entire adult life (since the mid '70s). It's not like I'm a newbie.

  • JAMES B. REED - This Product Still Meets My Needs

    I had been using TaxCut for a number of years before the name was changed to H&R Block At Home. After the name was changed to H&R Block At Home, I still continued to use it. I think that it gets a little better each year. It is simple to use, easy to follow, it works well and it meets my needs. In the 2012 version, you still get 5 Federal e-Files. This is really more than I need. Who really needs more than one e-file (unless someone is doing taxes for their entire family)? I usually purchase the H&R Block H&R Block At Home Deluxe + State. I would recommend it to others.