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Health and Wellness Resource | IOV World - Get the latest news and insights that matter in the world of health and wellness, only from IOV World. Every update is here the minute they happen.

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  • Russo's Ranking - Miracle Cream

    I suffer with arthritis in my knees, elbow and hands. This cream has been a life saver for me. I had been buying this cream in a 2 Oz jar from another store. I decided to check on-line and discovered that I could get a 4 Oz jar for a little more than I was paying for the 2 Oz. I ordered three 4 Oz. jars. That will last be for quite a while. A little goes a long way.

  • Danielle - Love them. Easy to use

    I bought two of these for my boyfriend and I to try out. Love them. Easy to use, and everywhere I get a compliment on it. So easy to use, the night before i put in whatever fruit I'm in the mood for, place it in my refrigerator, and its ready to go the next day. Through out the day i refill it with the sam fruit, and discard the fruit at the end of the day to make a new one. The best part is it is super easy to clean. No hassle at all.

  • Hannah - They Fired The First Shot 2012

    This is an eye opening and quick read book even if it is so think. This just tells you as you read this book there is alot of information you did not know, and how long the play of Gov. has gone on and where it is taking us and why. Religion also has a side to what is happening to it. You can't put it down, so read a few chapters at a time. Easy to read bigger letters. You will not be sorry!!!

  • Paula Higgins - Needs better distribution

    Great read, but is this book getting to its intended audience? Has anyone thought of how we get this book into the hands of icebergs?

  • Rechan - Great Book From a Great Author!!

    I am so utterly disappointed that I have reached the end of this book. You put your whole soul into this book. I love all of your books, but this one did something to me. Wale was IT for me!! That man loved Key so hard. I felt both Key and Wale's emotions and feelings for each other. You wrote the hell out of this story. I was in a book funk, not reading, and getting really fed up with the quality of books and authors out there. But you got me out of my funk with this book Nicole and I thank you. It's going to be really hard to read another author right after reading this book. Congrats on another well written book. I will be impatiently waiting to see what you drop next!!

  • Tara Hart - For the money these are great. They we a near perfect fit except for ...

    For the money these are great. They we a near perfect fit except for one hole (on the mudflap not the truck) that needed to be open up a little more. They look strong and durable.