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  • Amazon Customer - Quicken: A Useful Tool

    The 2014 version started out with quite a few bugs in it. Now that they've finished the patching, I think there is still a little bugginess left. I understand that the 2015 version is also buggy so I'll probably just continue to suffer along with this version for another year or two. I have to stay with Quicken because I have 25 years of complete financial history on it and wouldn't want to lose that. I currently track 32 active accounts varying from property to investments to simple savings, checking, and cash accounts on it. I got my first exposure to Quicken when I purchased a different software product and the store gave me Quicken for free... it was a promotion at the time. That giveaway paid dividends to Intuit as I've purchased many versions since.

  • H. P. Stone - love toe socks....

    I like the crew & mini crew socks so much that I thought these would be great under my work shoes, & they are, they make my shoes/feet much more comfortable, no more blisters or smushed toes! However I do find the compression maybe a little tight on my calves by the end of the workday, it depends how long or hard of a day it's been! Also they are not quite thin enough for my work shoes, they bunch up a little at the top of the foot in my "mary jane" style shoes, although I don't feel anything, it doesn't make them uncomfortable, but if you're looking you can see that but I still wear them anyway (the pants cover that part)! When the weather is cooler, they'll be perfect under boots (I'm referring to regular "fashion boots, not snow boots, lol) For running, maybe they're slightly too thin, or maybe it's just that they're not cotton so don't grip as well, but I feel my foot slide a bit in my sneakers. If I was going to use these with a pair of sneakers exclusively, then I'd buy a smaller sneaker size to fix this, but I think I prefer to wear their micro crew toe socks for running/walking & keep these for work or after run recovery.

  • Memphis&53rd - Quality equals customer quantity!!!

    This product is exactly what it say in the description, easy to install, durable, and well manufactured!!! Thank you for the quality product...

  • rachael hilton - Just do it !

    Reading other reviews, I was pretty apprehensive about assembling and getting this beast installed. SO I was delighted to find I had no trouble at all! It was smooth and simple to get the anti rebound bar and the head rest in place. Installed rear facing in my 2001 pathfinder with the seatbelt, middle seat. One of the easiest seats I've ever positioned and secured. Also THE BEST, solid, secure installation of any car seat I've ever used. This thing is staying in place!! I am so pleased with it!! My 2 year old can easily climb in and out by herself. She is comfortable and not cramped at all. Plenty of room still for growing, which is one reason I bought this seat- the extended rear facing ability. As an emergency room nurse, I am so over concerned with car/seat safety. I struggled with the price tag, but now am very happy I went ahead. We upgraded from the britax marathon, which is a great seat and not cheap either, but all in all, this seat out shines it!

  • Zach - As described

    I was so surprised when I ordered checks that they did not come with these. I have never had to pay for them before.....pretty lame. Anyway, it was nice to find what I needed at a low price.

  • bvdew - Got rid of my adult acne

    I am 27 years old and I still had acne. Since I was a teenager I have used creams and face washes to clear my skin, but none of them fully got rid of the red spots. I had even ordered the popular infomercial face cleansers, but I hated the routine and the way the cream would bleach my clothes and towels. I now use a antibacterial microfiber towel with only water to clean my skin. That helped a lot, but I still had occasional breakouts.