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  • nobodyhasthisyet - Misleading, Deceptive and Poorly Crafted

    The Rabbit TV USB device is not a transmitter because it does not broadcast radio waves or provide any type of television service. Rabbit TV is just a poorly made flash drive (mine broke just from inserting into my computer a few times) loaded with software that provides links to external websites that Rabbit TV has no legal rights to. These websites can easily be found by searching for them without Rabbit TV.

  • Kristine Weaver - Awesome makeup brush!

    I own a lot of makeup brushes. I have to say that for putting on even, flawless foundation this is an awesome tool. The bristles are soft and feel wonderful on your skin, the foundation melts into your skin and looks so natural and smooth you can barely tell its on. I would purchase more of these in a heartbeat. Thank you for making a great, affordable product.

  • Deena Aeron - It was easy enough for her to use

    My 6 year old loves this. It was easy enough for her to use. She only needed help setting up and making sure the clay was wet enough.

  • Jane - You'll only get about half as much as package appears to hold

    This is a great product. I justified the expense because you don't need a lot and it's a good-sized jar. But I was dismayed to find that the "bottom" of the jar is at least an inch higher on the inside than the exterior, and it curves to that point so there's about half as much shaving cream as you appear to be getting. To me, that is unethical.

  • Castle - Clean a washing machine?

    I used to use bleach to clean out the washer once a month (top load GE kept in the basement with the lid closed left to me by family and was like 10 yrs old). But then I realized... it gets musky smelling and we use bleach every time we wash whites... So bleach obviously doesn't work. I set out to find what would kill the mildew smell in the washer. I came across a few products and tried them to no avail. I found out a few things though. Like you should leave the washer lid open so the moisture can evaporate even though I don't like to do so. And that mildew was probably in a few short hoses/lines and around the basin which would cause the smell each time. I then saw this Affresh at my local brick and mortar store that rhymes with "Mall Fart". It was on sale and cheap so I decided to try it. It has been amazing. It fizzed up slightly in the wash and stripped away all the gross smell. It does leave a little smell of it's own, but it's light and fresh. Used monthly in the wash it's supposed to maintain the cleanliness of your machine. Initial cleaning of a dirty smelly washer, the package says you should use 1 tab per wash (no clothes) and run 3 cycles, meaning 3 tabs total and countless wasted water. But it works though! I have recently purchased a new Whirlpool front loader washer/dryer (Duet) and the washer gets once of these each month. I will not let my new machine get like our old family one. I will point out that the old washer was not HE and the new one is, and Affresh works in both types. I had the same results with Affresh's light clean smell in the old as I did the new. Nobody thinks to clean their washer until it's too late and smells like mildew. It would have been great if I had known about this before and was using this all along.