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  • http://www.medleague.com/services/chronology-and-timelines/ Chronology and Timelines - Med League Support Services, Inc - A case chronology and Timeline are invaluable to quickly and easily understand the sequence of events.
  • http://www.medleague.com/services/independent-medical-examination-ime-dme/ Attend IME | Independent Medical Examination | USA - Med League provides nurses who can attend IME (indpedent medical examination). Call us to schedule IME Visit with your client.
  • http://www.medleague.com/services/literature-search/ Literature Search - Med League Support Services, Inc - Literature search help you to identify non-meritorious cases or support your client's position and can be used to cross-examine an expert. Increase your success in winning case with authoritative literature related to the facts of the case.
  • http://www.medleague.com/services/demonstrative-evidence/ Demonstrative Evidence - Med League Support Services, Inc - Almost every case can benefit from demonstrative evidence used during opening statement, as visual support during testimony, or during closing argument.
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