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  • S. Chia - nice

    writes smoothly, well balanced. good workmanship, comparable to more expensive brands. no complaints, but I still don't know why pens should cost more than $100.

  • AmazonFan - it lulled my son into believing he was better prepared than he actually was

    The material and test are NOT A REPRESENTATION of what is on the actual Subject Test! My son scored an 800 on all the sample tests, but took the real test this weekend and had never seen a significant amount of the material on it. Not only did the Kaplan book not accurately represent the material to expect on the test, it lulled my son into believing he was better prepared than he actually was. Considering how hard he worked to prepare for the test, this book was not only disappointing, it falsely advertised.

  • kittyimperial - Avoid if you have an uneven picture frame back!

    I think this is designed for sticking onto a flat picture frame back. If your frame come with a string at the back (which make the surface uneven), I suggest you avoid this product. The frame fell off in the middle of the night tearing my antique sofa's surface into a hole!

  • Tuna Boy - Complete Junk

    This so-called upgrade is just some property management software added on to basic Quicken. The biggest problem is that it will NOT let you import any of your prior data from your rental properties. You can only start from scratch, which makes this software less than completely worthless if you've been in the business and want to continue tracking all your historic data as well as enter new transactions (or, say, if you need reports from prior years or want to compare year-to-year performance). I have no idea what the Quicken people were thinking when they put this together, but it is complete junk! Don't buy it!

  • Tina Dawson - Doesn't get nearly hot enough for wavy hair. It ...

    Doesn't get nearly hot enough for wavy hair. It works well if you have a "bump" from a hair-tie or missed a spot with the straightener. But definitely not something that can be used alone if you have thick hair with any kind of natural curl to it.

  • Katherine D Powers - YOLI is GREAT! The Best Diet System We've Ever Used!

    I LOVE Yoli and think their Better Body System and products are the best. I chose this system for many reasons, one being that their products are all-natural, no artificial anything. I started on the system to get my husband, who has been a yo-yo dieter for years (and with every previous weight loss, he ended up gaining every pound back plus extra pounds!) to use it. Yoli promotes alkalization to combat overly acidic environment in our bodies and to help our bodies achieve a balanced pH. Once we were able to balance out our pH, we saw and felt health results. Overall, we both lost over 30 lbs each, aches and joint pains are gone, inflammation is gone, more energy than we have felt in years! We continue to use most of their products, especially the Alkalete and Passion daily. My husband wants to lose more weight and he will be starting another 30 day Transformation Kit. Yoli also helps you learn how to make good food choices. It's more than just a diet, it's an education in healthy eating and it does transform lives. It's easy to use too.

  • Alicia Dzina - Great condition, great review

    It explains concepts in detail and has many practice tests for each concept which has explanations that are easy to understand. The practice tests are also very helpful. It's as up to par as the official sat study guide.