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Treating Excessive Sweating and other people with this Disease - Other people share their stories of treating excessive sweating and explain what it is like to have this disease along with the emotional pain it causes.

  • http://www.myexcessivesweating.com/hyperhidrosis Hyperhidrosis - My Excessive Sweating - Excessive sweating stories of those living with hyperhidrosis including treatments.
  • http://www.myexcessivesweating.com/foot-sweating.php Foot Sweating - My Excessive Sweating - Excessive foot sweating known as pedal hyperhidrosis and treatments available.

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  • Bethany Ann Molnar - Excellent Reference Guide

    I purchased this book from Amazon as an additional reference and study guide, as I am going to be taking the PHR exam this winter. While it's not the ideal study guide for the PHR, I was very impressed with the book. It packs a lot of content and real-world examples into one slim volume. It gives you checklists you can quickly put to use and I have already made use of the behavior-based interview question examples in chapter 2 on recruiting. I also plan to use the vendor selection criteria used in chapter 11 on technology, since we are in the market for a new applicant tracking system. The book consists of chapters written by various HR subject matter experts, who are currently practicing in the field. They understand what it is to be an HR practitioner in a constantly changing and challenging field. I am keeping this book on my shelf at work for future reference. My biggest pet peeve with the book was the high number of typos it contained. A better job of proofreading for the misspellings and typos would have benefited the book greatly.

  • Marco Gonzalez - Terrible phone.

    I bought two phones. I had problems with one of them because it seems the phone was not ready to be used. It appeared an screen asking to configure it. Today is working after I took it with one technician to repair it. It has been working the last two days. The other phone works only the first 3 days. Now, I have to take it with the technician and wait if he can fix it. Terrible experience. I am loosing my money and my time.

  • musiclover - A Masterpiece

    This is Pink Floyd at there best this album has surpassed perfection The Wall is truely the best ever and will remain a masterpiece forever. I would have to say this is required buy for anyone who is a music fan.

  • J & B - Did not work after 2 months of use...

    Before using this mask I had moderate cystic acne (about 4 or 5 at a time on my face). When I started using it I began breaking out ALOT, getting 8-9 cysts on my face. I assumed I was going through the purging period and continued using the mask 2-3 times a day. After a month I was still breaking out bad and had around 10-12 pimples on my face and also now had 7-8 red marks left behind from the constant breakouts. I kept telling myself it would get better and that I must be purging still and would be one of those cases that takes longer to clear. I kept using this product for another month until I finally gave up hope that it was going to work. After using for 2 months I am now left with 15-20 red marks (hyperpigmentation) and 5-6 deeper scars, along with 5-6 active pimples (the cystic type) and 2-3 whiteheads!!!

  • CustomerCritique - Never gets hot

    This never gets hot enough to cook anything. You have to let it warm up for 10 minutes just to use it. The warm feature doesn't keep things warm either. I am sorry I chose this one, and I will have to buy another one and stick this one in the trash where it belongs.

  • Pete D. - Good Value, but...

    The 5-pack is a good value and they were received when promised. These are called "easy-read", but the pages actually have more lines or entries then my previous books. I have to write smaller and my sight isn't as good as it used to be. Not sure if I'd buy again for that reason.